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Confialle Odontologia Especializada image
Confialle Odontologia Especializada
👍👍 The service is very good, it’s excellent, I loved it❤️
5.00 (206 reviews)
Allere image
👍👍 Consultei com a Dra Danielle Sales, gostaria de deixar meus elogios e agradecimento,pois além de acertar e resolver meu problema de saúde, sua consulta é tudo que o paciente busca em um um médico, tratamento profissional e humano, obrigada.
5.00 (161 reviews)
Vital Implantes image
Vital Implantes
Dental clinic
👍👍 I have always received very good service, with great cordiality, politeness and respect. Great team and the service staff are top notch congratulations Jade, Júlia, Luciana, Rafaela, Leandra and Matheus for all the service provided. Thank you very much.
4.60 (875 reviews)
Dra.Norma Melucci image
Dra.Norma Melucci
👍👍 Excellent professional and super available team. My daughter, who has a class III prognathia, was able to correct her arch without orthographic surgery. Today he has a beautiful smile.
5.00 (140 reviews)
Dra. Alynne Macedo - Invisalign image
Dra. Alynne Macedo - Invisalign
Dental clinic
👍👍 Thank you very much, Dr Alynne and her entire team, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for welcoming, high-quality dental care. Incredible people and excellent work in every detail.
5.00 (121 reviews)
Beta Odontologia image
Beta Odontologia
👍👍 My experience at Beta Dentistry was incredible! After spending 8 years being scammed by my old dentist, I finally found a clinic where I felt really cared for and cared for. My sister recommended Beta to me, and from the first consultation, I was impressed by the professionalism, kindness and compet...
5.00 (111 reviews)
Mathias Odontologia image
Mathias Odontologia
👍 Even in the midst of the pandemic, it showed efficiency, sanitary care, good service and concern for the customer.
5.00 (77 reviews)
iOrto - Instituto Integrado de Ortodontia e Reabilitação Oral image
iOrto - Instituto Integrado de Ortodontia e Reabilitação Oral
👍👍 The iOrto clinic was certainly one of my best choices. The girls at the reception are always attentive and helpful, Dr. Carlos is a great professional, always polite, very attentive too, he answers all my questions. I highly recommend the clinic. I would give more stars if I had.
4.90 (83 reviews)
Centro Odontológico Dra Marcella Decarli image
Centro Odontológico Dra Marcella Decarli
👍👍 Excellent Professionals Dr.Marcela and team. Great service with a cozy atmosphere 💞
4.90 (61 reviews)
Implantar image
Dental clinic
👍👍 Dr. Amanda Bergmann is an excellent professional. Your dedication to your patients is exquisite! Professionalism is evident in its procedures. I perform facial harmonization frequently and the confidence conveyed in the procedures reveals a qualification of excellence!!
5.00 (50 reviews)
ferrer odontologia image
ferrer odontologia
👍👍 I don't have enough words to thank you. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and I never imagined it would be so peaceful. I would like to thank Dr Marcelo who was extremely empathetic during my dental surgery, I was at high risk of paresthesia and his experience was essential to make it just a possibil...
4.60 (74 reviews)
OdontoVita Asa Sul image
OdontoVita Asa Sul
Dental clinic
👍👍 Excellent work and dedication to patients. Dr. Luana is an excellent professional, I highly recommend her, the best service and without a doubt the best dentist!
4.90 (42 reviews)
NEO Odontologia e Harmonização Facial image
NEO Odontologia e Harmonização Facial
👍👍 Dr. Pollyanna is a very prepared, confident, attentive and captivating professional! My children have been patients for over 6 years and she routinely accompanies them. Very very dear!
5.00 (38 reviews)
Unique Clínica Odontológica |Implante e Protocolo Dentário |Tratamento de Canal- Asa Sul, Brasília image
Unique Clínica Odontológica |Implante e Protocolo Dentário |Tratamento de Canal- Asa Sul, Brasília
Dental clinic
👍👍 I have been a patient at the clinic for more than a year year and I have nothing but praise. I am a patient of Dr. Raquel, who sees me monthly for the maintenance of my orthodontic appliance, always with professionalism and care. The clinic always serves patients punctually and respectfully. I recom...
4.30 (89 reviews)
OdontoMaxx | Dentista 24 Horas Brasília | Dentista Emergência Asa Sul image
OdontoMaxx | Dentista 24 Horas Brasília | Dentista Emergência Asa Sul
Oral surgeon
👍👍 I had a delicate emergency surgical procedure with Dr. Andréia and the service was excellent. Surprised me. She practices her craft like someone who drives a Formula 1 car. She knows what she's doing. I felt 100% safe.
4.40 (71 reviews)
Clínica Odontológica Viviane Amaral image
Clínica Odontológica Viviane Amaral
Dental clinic
👍👍 Sensational, everything and both. I strongly recommend. They are super professionals.
4.90 (36 reviews)
Clínica Oral Concept - Dentista em Brasília image
Clínica Oral Concept - Dentista em Brasília
Dental clinic
👍👍 Excellent service, really very professional dentists, in addition to the service being very good, we also received guidance on how to take care of our oral health. Dental Clinic very different from most, maximum quality, rating 10, I highly recommend it!
4.60 (45 reviews)
Implantomed Dental Implants in Brasilia image
Implantomed Dental Implants in Brasilia
Dental implants provider
4.80 (31 reviews)
Quatro Odontologia image
Quatro Odontologia
Dental clinic
😠 The reception is very good, Dr Amanda who did the cleaning is very polite. But I had a horrible experience with Dr Osvaldo, I almost had dental trauma, he is rude and impatient. I couldn't chew for almost a month, I went back and it didn't help anything, it just got worse and another restoration fel...
3.70 (107 reviews)
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