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Fitness Academy Acuas image
Fitness Academy Acuas
Fitness center
😠 Quase impossível marcar prescrição de treino, tem que marcar com 1 mês de antecedência, nunca consegui fazer uma prescrição a noite, tive que mudar de horário e continua a mesma coisa, professor que passar treino pelo aplicativo e aluno que se vire! A impressão e que são poucos professores para a qu...
4.90 (571 reviews)
Brasilia Army Club image
Brasilia Army Club
Sports club
4.60 (3.9K reviews)
Isac Rocha Funcional & Fitness image
Isac Rocha Funcional & Fitness
Fitness center
👍👍 Eu nunca conheci uma academia como essa, amando!!!!! ❤❤❤ Alegre , moderna, chic, cheia de luz, músicas maravilhosas, todo mundo é alegre e simpático, ótimo atendimento, ótimas aulas, confesso que fiquei até emocionada quando fui conhecer, era a academia que eu sempre sonhei e procurava. Os profess...
4.90 (198 reviews)
👍👍 Academia ⛹ top. 🔝🔝🔝
4.60 (426 reviews)
D'STAK Fitness image
D'STAK Fitness
Fitness center
👍👍 Think of a gym where you are treated like AN IMPORTANT PERSON. Not because You are paying, but because they recognized in You someone who needs their HELP and they, the team, turn to help. I'm in love with the gym, mainly because of the professionals who ARE helping us towards a friendly goal. Very...
4.70 (240 reviews)
Academia Nad'Arte 905 Sul: Natação, Fitness, Fitdance, Muay Thai, Boxe, Capoeira image
Academia Nad'Arte 905 Sul: Natação, Fitness, Fitdance, Muay Thai, Boxe, Capoeira
Fitness center
👍 The gym is very good. Heated and covered pool...worth the visit.
4.60 (294 reviews)
Bluefit image
Fitness center
👍 I booked one night, I found the price a little expensive, the service wasn't the best either, the gym's structure is complete, perfect for sending an excellent workout. The place has parking and is well located.
4.40 (650 reviews)
Academia Master Magnum image
Academia Master Magnum
Firearms academy
👍👍 Academia top
4.40 (479 reviews)
Ultra Academia Lago Sul image
Ultra Academia Lago Sul
Fitness center
👍 I love the gym, I feel really good, the price is fair, the equipment is good and varied. However, last Friday I had my car broken into in the parking lot in front of the gym, what upset me most was when I got in touch and they informed me that this had been happening for two weeks and that the polic...
4.40 (384 reviews)
Academia Vasco Neto image
Academia Vasco Neto
Fitness center
😠 I have been going to the gym for over a year and after several attempts to resolve the problem directly with the gym coordination, I was unsuccessful. The air conditioning in the women's bathroom doesn't work, we've had countless promises to repair and/or replace it and this never happens. In the he...
4.70 (128 reviews)
Centaurus Cross Fit - Arena image
Centaurus Cross Fit - Arena
Fitness center
🫤 They do not respect distancing, do not require the use of masks, and there is no alcohol available throughout the stall.
4.70 (121 reviews)
Academia Vasco Neto image
Academia Vasco Neto
Fitness center
🫤 The gym is good and the teachers are great, but not having air conditioning in times of climate change is very complicated and devalues ​​the gym a lot. It's very hot in there and the air conditioning can't handle it.
4.60 (144 reviews)
CrossFit Waya - Asa Sul image
CrossFit Waya - Asa Sul
Fitness center
😠 When I enrolled my daughter I asked them to pay attention as she is only 16 years old and it would be her first experience in Crossfit. In addition to not paying attention, she was lost because she is not familiar with the names of the exercises that they just put on the boards and the student had t...
4.70 (96 reviews)
Karina Carvalho Asa Norte image
Karina Carvalho Asa Norte
Fitness center
😠 Disappointing is the word. We have recently arrived in Brasília and today we went to see the school, with the intention of enrolling our 2 daughters. We were well attended to by Paloma, so we asked to observe the dynamics of the class a little and she guided us. We had been watching for 2 minutes wh...
4.70 (82 reviews)
Studio Velocity - Bike Indoor Brasília image
Studio Velocity - Bike Indoor Brasília
Fitness center
😠 Frequento a Velocity regularmente desde Maio/2022, e fomos surpreendidos ao final do ano sobre os aumentos abusivos nos planos e aulas individuais. O pacote ilimitado sofreu um aumento de 22% no valor, acima da inflação, o que faz com que diversos alunos, inclusive eu, não possam mais frequentar as...
4.70 (82 reviews)
Carrasco CrossFit image
Carrasco CrossFit
Fitness center
👍👍 I ended a 10 year marriage and decided to join these classes. I'll tell you... better than any black label medicine out there. From the first class I received affection, something I lacked. And after the affection, comes the “badness”. Something similar to some weddings. Classes that make you reach...
4.50 (113 reviews)
Wohali CrossFit - Sudoeste image
Wohali CrossFit - Sudoeste
Fitness center
😠 Unfortunately, the company does not have ethical management. I got injured during training. I suspended the plan in the expectation of a return, which after 2 months of physiotherapy, did not materialize, due to the severity of the injury. When I informed the gym and canceled my contract, I was info...
4.90 (60 reviews)
Curves image
Fitness center
👍👍 instrutoras atenciosas, aulas coletivas e circuito como opção de exercícios, flexibilidade de horários, liberdade de ficar mais à vontade para ir como quer e não ficar naquela ambiente de competição de academias tradicionais
4.80 (50 reviews)
Raw Beach Tennis image
Raw Beach Tennis
Fitness center
👍👍 Lovely place. Excellent professionals. I loved the structure of the place and the treatment they gave me, I was looking for a place, to start my practice in sport, that was welcoming and with patient professionals who enjoyed teaching and at Raw beach Tennis I found exactly that. Professor Fábio Roc...
4.90 (38 reviews)
MuuvFit - O Futuro do Fitness image
MuuvFit - O Futuro do Fitness
Personal trainer
😠 They work well to attract new students. After the situation changes, the priority is not to keep students happy. A lot of talk that has flexibility and the like, in practice very different. I've been trying to cancel my contract for two months. Now no one responds to WhatsApp and emails take too lon...
4.70 (41 reviews)
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