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Massoterapeuta DF || Brasília image
Massoterapeuta DF || Brasília
👍👍 I 'm totally satisfied with their service, they have an excellent quality and good price combination. They are paying attention on you during your massage therapy, they are not robots like in many places. You can really feel that it is not only a job for them, it is their passion. It is located in...
4.90 (677 reviews)
Muca image
👍👍 I always like to come here and do massage with Samuel. He is very professional and able to focus on curing specific body sore. Highly recommend!
4.90 (278 reviews)
Baconnet Massagens Terapêuticas image
Baconnet Massagens Terapêuticas
Massage therapist
👍👍 Juliana’s massage here at Vista Park Sul Suites is indescribable… simply fairy hands!!!
5.00 (145 reviews)
Massagem Brasília - Massoterapeuta Alessandro image
Massagem Brasília - Massoterapeuta Alessandro
Massage therapist
👍👍 Massoterapeuta excepcional! O resultado da massagem do Alessandro é inacreditável! Para mim, uma única sessão dele teve mais resultado do que 50 sessões de fisioterapia!! Eu o procurei em razão de dores na coluna. Tenho algumas hérnias, dentre elas uma na lombar, que faz a dor irradiar para uma da...
4.90 (121 reviews)
Salão de Beleza Lux Brasília / Asa Sul image
Salão de Beleza Lux Brasília / Asa Sul
Beauty salon
😠 There is no stability among the employees at this salon. Unfortunately, every time we find a hairdresser who meets our expectations, they are turned away. We tried to return with another professional, but he was also fired. The situation with the manicurist is similar, and even the receptionist, who...
4.90 (119 reviews)
Michelle Aragão Massoterapia image
Michelle Aragão Massoterapia
Massage therapist
👍👍 I was with Michelle for the first time and she exceeded my expectations, I left feeling light, my neck, which is my motto, super relaxed. I highly recommend it, the investment made already brings us benefits in the first session. Thank you Michelle for the excellent service provided.
5.00 (97 reviews)
FisioIntegra - Fisioterapia e Saúde em Brasília image
FisioIntegra - Fisioterapia e Saúde em Brasília
Physical therapy clinic
👍👍 Wonderful place with excellent professionals. Everyone was welcoming from reception (Cami). They work multi-professionally. I do acupuncture (Jana), physiotherapy (Pedro), RPG (Mag), osteopathy (Patrícia) and pelvic therapy (Ravila). The interns (Lucas and Sofia) are also wonderful. Without forgetti...
5.00 (97 reviews)
Liane Massagem Brasília image
Liane Massagem Brasília
Massage therapist
5.00 (89 reviews)
Blanc Spa | Conceito Hoteleiro image
Blanc Spa | Conceito Hoteleiro
👍👍 Lugar muito bem decorado e aconchegante. A piscina em temperatura excelente. A massagem da Cris foi incrível e o atendimento de todas merece nota 10! Recomendo
4.80 (107 reviews)
Divas das Sobrancelhas e Spa image
Divas das Sobrancelhas e Spa
Eyebrow bar
👍👍 Exceptional service, unparalleled... I loved it, the muses were very careful with my eyebrows, which were impeccable and the wonderful skin cleansing, only praise for these incredible and extremely professional women, thank you so much 😃😃
4.90 (91 reviews)
Mademoiselle Salon image
Mademoiselle Salon
Beauty salon
😐 The service is very good, the place is very cozy. However, I found the prices to be steep. I paid R$80.00 for applying dye just to the roots (I took the dye) and R$70.00 for "skin cleaning" which is actually just applying green clay (which costs 30.00 per kilo in any store) and sunscreen, there is n...
4.80 (47 reviews)
Massagem - Vetiver Terapias image
Massagem - Vetiver Terapias
Massage therapist
👍👍 Bruna is an incredible person, personally and professionally. I've arrived with pain attacks and always left feeling refreshed! In addition to being professional, the environment is delightful! With smells, music and lots of comfort! I recommend!
5.00 (32 reviews)
Massagem em Brasília: Espaço VIV - Unidade Setor Hoteleiro. image
Massagem em Brasília: Espaço VIV - Unidade Setor Hoteleiro.
Massage spa
👍👍 Prompt service, I loved the experience, great professionals and service. I will definitely be back.
4.60 (37 reviews)
MS Massagem image
MS Massagem
Massage spa
👍👍 After a busy day, I recommend a relaxing massage at the MS MASSAGEM ASA NORTE TOP clinic!!!
4.50 (37 reviews)
Harmôny estética e bem-estar image
Harmôny estética e bem-estar
Massage therapist
👍👍 Wonderful!
3.50 (97 reviews)
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