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Centro Clínico Sul image
Centro Clínico Sul
👍👍 The clinical center has a good location and excellent structure in health services - clinics, laboratories, offices. The nearby parking lots are public, but there are paid parking lots. The place also has a bank branch, pharmacy and food court. Organized, clean and adapted environment for wheelchair...
4.10 (781 reviews)
Clínica Villas Boas - Medicina Diagnóstica por Imagem image
Clínica Villas Boas - Medicina Diagnóstica por Imagem
Medical Center
👍👍 There has never been so much talk about people before talking about a brand, right? Companies have purposes and when the purpose is people, then it can be said that the goals were achieved! My mother has been undergoing a series of tests and I have accompanied her in some of them. We went to the Vi...
4.20 (248 reviews)
Centro Clínico Via Brasil image
Centro Clínico Via Brasil
Medical Center
👍 There is no entrance to the external parking lot for wheelchair users or people with mobility difficulties. There are excellent clinics and professionals, but access is complicated by the lack of accessibility.
4.20 (160 reviews)
Hemoclínica Banco de Sangue - Grupo H.Hemo image
Hemoclínica Banco de Sangue - Grupo H.Hemo
Blood bank
😠 I am extremely sad about the situation that I went through this week at the clinic, it has already been 4 times that I have donated blood and several clinics and I have always been very well attended by the technicians and nurses, and at the hemoclinic I was poorly attended to. When I got home it w...
4.40 (93 reviews)
Centro Médico de Brasília image
Centro Médico de Brasília
Medical Center
😠 Terrible service from the building's security and reception staff. Always super ignorant, I advise offering training in dealing with the public
4.30 (86 reviews)
Biosphere image
Medical Center
👍 Prédio bonito, moderno, fácil acesso pra quem vem da parte norte, já fui em 2 clinicas e sempre fui bem atendida na recepção. Tem uma cafeteria logo na entrada. Ponto negativo é o estacionamento, R$ 4,50 por 30min, se você ficar 35min já paga R$ 9, acho injusto, acho que após 1h poderia ser minutage...
4.20 (92 reviews)
Sabin Diagnóstico e Saúde Edifício Via Brasil: Laboratório em Brasília DF image
Sabin Diagnóstico e Saúde Edifício Via Brasil: Laboratório em Brasília DF
👍👍 Excelent reception. Cleaning at collection, passing through reception: 💯!
4.20 (78 reviews)
Centro Clínico Advance image
Centro Clínico Advance
Medical Center
😐 Very difficult to find a space and parking is very expensive. They should at least have a bike rack. For those interested, the authorized place to lock bicycles is behind reception, where there is a lawn and some posts:
3.90 (200 reviews)
Colposcopy institute in Brasilia, Brazil image
Colposcopy institute in Brasilia, Brazil
Medical Center
🫤 I went to the clinic for a video colposcopy exam prescribed by my gynecologist. To my surprise, at reception, the attendant did not receive the doctor's order and withheld my identity and health insurance card. I asked for the documents to be returned to me and she told me that the doctor, named Cam...
4.10 (94 reviews)
OHB image
Medical Center
😐 Newly opened location at the end of w3 south, with numerous clinics/medical centers! However, because it is new, access is still very confusing, as the complex is made up of blocks, and access, whether or not, is only via A by car. That is, if you need to go to B, there is no access to the door this...
3.90 (102 reviews)
Sports medicine clinic
👍👍 My entire family has taken care of their health at the clinic and we only have gratitude and praise to give. The entire team, from reception, to the biomedical doctor, nutritionist and nurses, to Dr. Ribas, everyone is extremely professional and concerned about each patient, working together and alw...
4.30 (43 reviews)
Minha Clínica - Asa Sul image
Minha Clínica - Asa Sul
Medical Center
😠 I underwent a preventive gynecological exam, at first the doctor was super rude, super direct, and barely wanted to answer my questions, so far so good, I let it go. When I returned, the exam was not ready, I was forced to return without an exam, the clinic had to give me feedback on the exams, they...
3.70 (119 reviews)
Centro Clínico Cléo Octávio image
Centro Clínico Cléo Octávio
Specialized clinic
😠 Paid parking valets simply speed up customers' cars on the street for no reason. There is no manager, administrator or anyone who can complain. When asked, they give a number that no one answers
3.70 (34 reviews)
Biocárdios - Instituto de Cardiologia image
Biocárdios - Instituto de Cardiologia
Medical Center
🫤 The clinic is in chaos, lack of management, too many employees and little productivity, everything is very confusing, lack of information, this lack of management will make you lose a lot of time to be seen, the average is more than 1 hour and a half to receive care , even with an appointment and a...
3.30 (521 reviews)
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