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Spa Brasília image
Spa Brasília
👍👍 Excellent SPA! Different from anyone I've ever been to! Very well located not to mention the unique and personalized service! Just wonderful!!!!!! :) I highly recommend it!!! Scheduled and started punctually, masseurs very polite, friendly and excellent professionals!!!!! Best investment!!!
5.00 (526 reviews)
Massoterapeuta DF || Brasília image
Massoterapeuta DF || Brasília
👍👍 I 'm totally satisfied with their service, they have an excellent quality and good price combination. They are paying attention on you during your massage therapy, they are not robots like in many places. You can really feel that it is not only a job for them, it is their passion. It is located in...
4.90 (677 reviews)
Lemanth - Clínica de Estética e Botox image
Lemanth - Clínica de Estética e Botox
Facial spa
🫤 I am disappointed with the clinic. I contacted the owner on Tuesday, 10/10/2023, asking that the day my procedure was scheduled, 10/12/2023, would be a holiday. I asked if they could see me on Friday, the owner said she would be traveling. So I gave her the option of moving it forward to that Tuesda...
4.90 (626 reviews)
DIEGO MOREIRA Salão de Beleza image
DIEGO MOREIRA Salão de Beleza
Hair salon
👍👍 Talented professionals and wonderful service. I am always very well received by the entire team. 😊
4.90 (411 reviews)
Lavalle Salão Feminino image
Lavalle Salão Feminino
Beauty salon
😠 When it comes to hair, I'm always afraid, when I decided to cut my hair after years, I decided to look for a place that understood curly hair, so as not to make a mistake, the error is in the photo... Disappointing, it's enough to be frustrating... Salão: Come back so we can fix it.. Keeping it sho...
4.90 (350 reviews)
Eliá SPA image
Eliá SPA
👍👍 The Eliá Spa at Pier 21 provides a very pleasant and relaxing experience! From the initial service (booking), through the cozy reception, with a welcome ritual, to the service itself (I recommend the relaxing massage, which is always sensational) and the conclusion, with tea and internal evaluation...
4.80 (603 reviews)
Salão de Beleza Maerd Beauty Salon / Asa Sul image
Salão de Beleza Maerd Beauty Salon / Asa Sul
Beauty salon
👍👍 ✨✨AMAZING experience at the salon! Gerson perfectly understood what I wanted, EXCELLENTLY, delivering a cut that didn't compromise the length, as I wanted. The tranquility and friendliness of the staff contributed to making the visit even more pleasant. I felt heard and I will definitely come back...
4.90 (309 reviews)
Antonio Barbearia image
Antonio Barbearia
Barber shop
👍👍 Excellent, highly educated and qualified professionals, a place with a modern and comfortable atmosphere. My children only get their hair cut at Barbearia do Antônio, the best in the pilot plan, I highly recommend it!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4.90 (281 reviews)
Muca image
👍👍 I always like to come here and do massage with Samuel. He is very professional and able to focus on curing specific body sore. Highly recommend!
4.90 (278 reviews)
Studio Caracóis - Especialistas em Cachos (Asa Sul) image
Studio Caracóis - Especialistas em Cachos (Asa Sul)
Beauty salon
👍👍 I went to Studio Caracóis today, for the first time. I went with the hope of fixing a cut that went wrong in another salon. I also had the TQZ treatment because my hair was extremely porous. I was attended to by Bruna, in the south wing unit, who understood well what I was looking for and served me...
4.70 (706 reviews)
Studio 108 Hair Design image
Studio 108 Hair Design
Beauty salon
👍👍 I found Studio 108 through Google – and I LOVED it! The service was super punctual, the haircut was impeccable (I did it with Frank). The receptionist, Márcia, is a sweet person too. I'm simply in love, I'll definitely come back again! I was very well looked after, everyone was super polite. You c...
4.90 (252 reviews)
Chaplin Barbeershop Asa Norte image
Chaplin Barbeershop Asa Norte
Barber shop
👍 I really liked the place. Although small, it is very cozy, with quality ambient music. Barbers are very welcoming, polite and outgoing. The final service was impeccable! I just have a small criticism, which is more constructive: The barber Daniel, who was the one who attended me, runs the machine v...
5.00 (175 reviews)
Saint Club - Esthetic & Barber image
Saint Club - Esthetic & Barber
Barber shop
👍👍 Easy location, very pleasant,
4.90 (211 reviews)
Praia Salão Boniteza image
Praia Salão Boniteza
Beauty salon
🫤 Most of the professionals are super good people, but I had my hair cut with Breno and I think it was the worst cut of my life, I think I would have had a very similar result if I had cut it myself at home, the only difference would be that I wouldn't have spent more than 100 reais. Firstly, the cut...
4.80 (268 reviews)
Shiloah Spa image
Shiloah Spa
👍👍 The Shiloa clinic is excellent. It has the necessary infrastructure for customers. On the second floor are the floating sessions, on the ground floor is where the other procedures are carried out. For those who need to relax a little, this is an excellent choice as they have aesthetic and relaxation...
4.70 (377 reviews)
Franck Rodrigues Hair Stylist image
Franck Rodrigues Hair Stylist
Beauty salon
😠 Nunca na minha vida tinha tido uma experiência ruim com cabeleireiro, mas pra tudo nessa vida tem uma primeira vez e foi o caso desse salão. Confiei porque olhei as avaliações aqui e achei válido ir cortar minha franja. Pedi uma franja longa e ele (Franck) me entregou uma franjinha desfiada ACIMA DA...
4.80 (249 reviews)
Baconnet Massagens Terapêuticas image
Baconnet Massagens Terapêuticas
Massage therapist
👍👍 Juliana’s massage here at Vista Park Sul Suites is indescribable… simply fairy hands!!!
5.00 (145 reviews)
New Look Day Spa image
New Look Day Spa
👍👍 Just wonderful! Impeccable service, sensational massage!!
4.90 (180 reviews)
Royal Face image
Royal Face
Specialized clinic
4.90 (163 reviews)
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