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Experience the best that Campinas has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 42 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Pico do Pôr-do-Sol image
Pico do Pôr-do-Sol
Tourist attraction
👍 It's not really a tourist spot; but there is a large lawn, where you can sit, have a picnic, and watch the sun with its reddish colors at the end of the day. You can also see part of Fazenda Santa Genebra, which has an incredible history! It's worth taking an afternoon and observing the beauty of Go...
4.90 (31 reviews)
Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel image
Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Catholic church
4.80 (1.6K reviews)
Paróquia Nossa Senhora do Rosário image
Paróquia Nossa Senhora do Rosário
Catholic church
👍👍 It is beautiful and has wonderful responsible people. Father Heitor, Maria and also Joyce were very attentive to us.
4.80 (749 reviews)
Igreja de São Joaquim e São Roque image
Igreja de São Joaquim e São Roque
Catholic church
👍👍 Na Igreja de São Joaquim e São Roque fica o Marco do Km 334,1 do Caminho pro Interior, uma Rota Turística e de Peregrinação que passa por 20 municípios, totalizando 537 km.
4.80 (259 reviews)
Metropolitan Cathedral of Campinas image
Metropolitan Cathedral of Campinas
Catholic cathedral
A 19th-century Catholic church with a central bell tower & elaborate wood carvings.
4.70 (7K reviews)
Maria Fumaça Campinas image
Maria Fumaça Campinas
Tourist attraction
Vintage train rides in colorful carriages behind restored locomotives, with music & a dining car.
4.70 (5.8K reviews)
Parque Portugal - Portão 5 image
Parque Portugal - Portão 5
Tourist attraction
👍👍 O parque oferece uma atmosfera acolhedora com amplas áreas verdes e instalações bem conservadas. As opções de lazer incluem parquinho, trilhas e espaços para piquenique. No entanto, a falta de manutenção em algumas áreas e a escassez de banheiros podem impactar a experiência. Ainda assim, é um local...
4.70 (250 reviews)
Centro de Educação Ambiental: Estação Ambiental Marco Antonio Vicentini image
Centro de Educação Ambiental: Estação Ambiental Marco Antonio Vicentini
👍👍 Very beautiful, there is a craft fair close to the weekends. It has infrastructure for lectures, bathroom.
4.70 (209 reviews)
Igreja de São Benedito image
Igreja de São Benedito
Catholic church
4.70 (148 reviews)
Casa do Sol - Instituto Hilda Hilst image
Casa do Sol - Instituto Hilda Hilst
👍👍 Lugar maravilhoso! Atendem grupos com horário agendado, explicam a história da autora e da casa e o passeio inclui apresentações dramatizadas de poemas de Hilda Hilst.
4.70 (69 reviews)
Botanical Garden of the Agronomic Institute image
Botanical Garden of the Agronomic Institute
👍👍 Lugar Fantástico! Tecnologia Agrícola de Primeira
4.70 (35 reviews)
Pedreira do Chapadão image
Pedreira do Chapadão
Urban green area with a waterfall, a jogging track & a memorial to a well-known democratic activist.
4.60 (11.7K reviews)
Parque Pico Das Cabras image
Parque Pico Das Cabras
Open air museum
👍👍 I was amazed by the beauties that exist in this park. It is nice to do the small trails that exist, watch the sunset and meditate. I think it's amazing the old songs that are playing in the background. I was playing La Isla Bonita by Madonna the last time I went. One of the few green areas in the r...
4.60 (3.1K reviews)
Parque Ecológico Prof. Hermógenes de Freitas Leitão image
Parque Ecológico Prof. Hermógenes de Freitas Leitão
👍 Excellent park! Quiet place, very green, and safe. There are ducks in the lake. I recommend.
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
Pedro Américo station image
Pedro Américo station
Railroad company
👍👍 Excellent place. You can get there via Avenida Mackenzie, Alphaville or Galleria/Jatibela. I visited on Sunday and really enjoyed the experience of being in a place that is part of Campinas history. It is very worth visiting the place, where we can have contact with nature and the past at the same t...
4.60 (348 reviews)
Estação Ferroviária de Carlos Gomes image
Estação Ferroviária de Carlos Gomes
Auto repair shop
👍 Very cool place. You can visit by car, but on a dirt road. For those arriving, the station isn't even that pretty, but the side where the tracks are is very pretty and well-maintained. It gets more beautiful when Maria Fumaça passes through the station.
4.60 (334 reviews)
Largo Santa Cruz image
Largo Santa Cruz
👍👍 The square was the entrance to Campinas and tells a sad story of the city: it was there where enslaved people were hanged. Contrary to what was done in other cities, the gallows remained there for years, instead of days. Years later, the force was withdrawn by the black population itself, taken to a...
4.60 (313 reviews)
Moinho de Vento image
Moinho de Vento
👍👍 Very nice place, with lots of space for walking and running. Space with many trees (all beautiful and green), lawn always well cut. There is a way to stop the car in front, as the place has little car traffic. I liked the place because it has a rustic mill, walking trails (exciting), wooden bridge...
4.60 (228 reviews)
Caravela da Lagoa do Taquaral - Nau image
Caravela da Lagoa do Taquaral - Nau
Tourist attraction
👍👍 O ponto alto do parque Portugal é a Caravela que foi construída em 1972 e é uma réplica da embarcação que trouxe Pedro Álvares Cabral para o Brasil em 1500. Lá a gente tirou várias fotos instagramáveis. Imperdível.
4.60 (43 reviews)
Casarão Parque Ecológico image
Casarão Parque Ecológico
👍 This mansion was the headquarters of the old Mato Dentro farm, which in the past was very rich in coffee production, although unfortunately, at the time, slave labor was used. Nowadays it is a museum, and houses objects and furniture from that time. As a good history lover and resident of the region...
4.60 (41 reviews)
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