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Beauty salon
👍👍 I loved the makeup and hair I did in the studio. I had professional makeup done other times and I didn't like it because of the artificiality. Ju managed to make the production beautiful without weighing it down. I put on makeup at 1pm, took photos, sweated, sunbathed and when I went to bed my makeu...
5.00 (225 reviews)
Venício Cabeleireiro And Barber Shop image
Venício Cabeleireiro And Barber Shop
Beauty salon
👍👍 Incrível experiência, atravessei a cidade mais valeu a pena. Fui por indicação de uma amiga que já leva o filho ali no salão... Foi um atendimento incrível, meu bebê ficou tranquilo cortando o cabelo, amei e com certeza vamos retornar:)
4.80 (348 reviews)
Kalahari Cαbeleireiros especializados em noivas image
Kalahari Cαbeleireiros especializados em noivas
Beauty salon
👍👍 Primeiramente o atendimento nota 10 pessoal educados,e atenciosos,fiz minhas mechas e amei o resultado 😍🤩super recomendo podem confiar, trabalho deles é maravilhoso...
4.90 (235 reviews)
Marcio Vargas Hairdressers image
Marcio Vargas Hairdressers
Beauty salon
👍👍 I love the salon, the girls at the reception are super friendly. Not to mention that I always do my hand and foot with Deusinha, the best!
4.70 (447 reviews)
Núcleo da Beleza Joinville - Núcleo Kids image
Núcleo da Beleza Joinville - Núcleo Kids
Beauty salon
👍👍 Very clean and organized salon. Very good child care, with its own space for this service separately.
4.70 (323 reviews)
Liberta! Unidade Glória image
Liberta! Unidade Glória
Beauty salon
😐 I didn't feel well taken care of! My hair didn't work well with the product they use, because it's thin it makes it very heavy. I felt practically obligated to like the result. I also didn't like the cut, which was done in 2 minutes and was crooked. I expected more attention and care, as I'm finishi...
4.70 (294 reviews)
Barbiearia - Bar e Salão de Beleza image
Barbiearia - Bar e Salão de Beleza
Barber shop
👍👍 Best barbershop in Joinville and the region. Incredible professionals, great service, everyone is super helpful and even throws a representative dance. I loved them all, they are seriously incredible. If it were close to home I simply wouldn't leave here. Besides the fact that they left my hair flaw...
5.00 (129 reviews)
Deolinda Estética e Massoterapia image
Deolinda Estética e Massoterapia
Health and beauty shop
👍👍 The girls are incredible, great professionals. Super polite and friendly. The place is also great. Very clean and organized. Congratulations. Especially Cálita and Bruna 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️
4.70 (277 reviews)
Espaço Barbearia Pub Joinville image
Espaço Barbearia Pub Joinville
Barber shop
👍👍 Great service, Gilmar is a beast at what he does.
4.80 (188 reviews)
D'Orlei et Diva image
D'Orlei et Diva
Beauty salon
👍👍 Great service by competent professionals and compatible prices I definitely recommend it. I had straightening, cutting and roots. Clean environment, very kind and helpful staff!
4.80 (188 reviews)
Andy Studio da Beleza image
Andy Studio da Beleza
Beauty salon
😠 I went to the establishment to get my eyebrows done, if regret kills me I would already be dead and buried. In addition to starting by waxing my eyebrows without even telling me or asking if I wanted them with tweezers or wax, it was already taken off and I had to ask to remove them with tweezers an...
4.80 (174 reviews)
Olga and Co. image
Olga and Co.
Beauty salon
👍👍 My wife loved the haircut... great atmosphere
4.80 (173 reviews)
Tony Cabeleireiros e Barbearia image
Tony Cabeleireiros e Barbearia
Beauty salon
😠 TERRIBLE salon! Service that DISRESPECTS the customer! I did a straightening procedure with Patricia that didn't work due to her complete incompetence and when I went to redo the procedure she simply did it with formaldehyde WITHOUT MY CONSENT. A despicable person along with the other employees in t...
4.60 (300 reviews)
Jack Simonéia - Salão de Beleza - Matriz image
Jack Simonéia - Salão de Beleza - Matriz
Beauty salon
👍👍 I have short hair and it's not easy to find someone who cuts it well, but I found Ana on the recommendation of a friend and I love it! And I've been doing platinum hair with Richard for years. I've been through a lot of colorists who just did shit, but Richard is definitely the best I've found. Leav...
4.60 (300 reviews)
Leila & Gisele image
Leila & Gisele
Beauty salon
👍👍 I really like the atmosphere in the salon. The music is not super loud like in some and the professionals are, in fact, professionals, I am often disappointed in salons where the "professionals" keep talking softly about each other or about whoever enters, I think this is a lack of respect for the c...
4.70 (201 reviews)
Val Esmalteria Express Joinville image
Val Esmalteria Express Joinville
Beauty salon
🫤 I was at the nail polish shop yesterday for the first time getting my feet and hands done. My fingernail looked horrible, today when I woke up and looked it was all marked, I believe it must be because the nail polish was at the end and very thick. The girl who made the hand passed it as it was, but...
4.80 (151 reviews)
Espaço Ébano - Beleza e Terapia Capilar image
Espaço Ébano - Beleza e Terapia Capilar
Beauty salon
👍👍 Very pleasant space, service that goes without saying Mônica and Jailson are attentive professionals, they deliver more results than expected!! I recommend
5.00 (100 reviews)
Patrícia Freitas | Visagismo & Hair Expert image
Patrícia Freitas | Visagismo & Hair Expert
Hair salon
👍👍 Parking in front, great service and extremely qualified professionals
4.80 (141 reviews)
Jonathan Adriano Beauty Salon image
Jonathan Adriano Beauty Salon
Beauty salon
😠 I went to this salon on June 3rd to change my look. I had very white blonde locks and I wanted to darken it a little, from blonde to light brunette. I showed reference photos and said I wanted a honey-like color. The result was a mottled tone. With 3 types of tones in my hair. I said I didn't like...
4.60 (235 reviews)
Rosana Borges Beauty Lounge image
Rosana Borges Beauty Lounge
Beauty salon
👍👍 I just have to thank each professional who took care of me and my bridesmaids, they all loved spending the day with me! Thank you for all the care you took with us from the beginning, pre-wedding make-up, make-up and hair try-on, everything was so incredible ❤️❤️❤️ You are incredible at what you do,...
4.90 (106 reviews)
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