Top rated Public medical centers in Natal

Experience the best that Natal has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 7 places from Public medical center category.

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C.R.O. Dr. Morton Mariz image
C.R.O. Dr. Morton Mariz
Public medical center
😠 Poor quality, my son sought care at night as he had a lot of toothache. The service provided by the dental surgeon, Carlos Alberto, was extremely inattentive, he just looked at the tooth and told him to look for a dentist at a nearby location to have a root canal done. He could at least provide basi...
4.10 (68 reviews)
Posto de Saúde - Nova Descoberta image
Posto de Saúde - Nova Descoberta
Public medical center
😠 It seems that standardization has been created, health units do not answer the phone. To avoid crowding in health units, it is necessary to answer the phone, as in most cases, simple information prevents the movement of patients, causing overcrowding.
3.70 (37 reviews)
UBS São João image
UBS São João
Public medical center
😠 Bad experience... I had to take vaccines in this place, when I entered the room, two boys and I simply filled out a small form, another to apply the vaccine and another just to fill out a vaccination card; a super thick uncontrolled brunette and complaining about the time that it wasn't time for an...
3.40 (144 reviews)
UPA 24h City of Hope image
UPA 24h City of Hope
👍👍 Apesar de todas as dificuldades (falta de material, pessoal e etc...)que os servidores tem pra exercerem suas funções, atendem os pacientes com o maior profissionalismo! Parabéns a estes guerreiros e guerreiras da saúde do nordeste brasileiro!!!!
3.20 (135 reviews)
Unidade Básica de Saúde de Lagoa Seca image
Unidade Básica de Saúde de Lagoa Seca
Public medical center
😠 very difficult telephone service, poor contact, no one answers! and when the person enters it is as if they are not being seen
3.10 (38 reviews)
Health Center Pirangi image
Health Center Pirangi
Public medical center
😠 Horrible service, extremely rude staff, it doesn't even feel like they are dealing with people. My wife is pregnant in the seventh month and they schedule the prenatal appointment 40 days ahead, and at this stage she should be monitored every 15 days, not to mention that there are often no professio...
3.00 (77 reviews)
Unidade Mista de Cidade Satelite image
Unidade Mista de Cidade Satelite
Public medical center
😠 I challenge anyone here to get on the phone with ANYONE UBS OR PSF FROM NATAL. ANY OF THEM. There's one here in Planalto that you die calling and calling until you drop. Once I asked and the employee told me that it's because there is no operator and they, even though they are unoccupied, don't answ...
3.00 (44 reviews)
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