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Shopping União de Osasco image
Shopping União de Osasco
Shopping mall
Popular mall offering a range of retail shops, eateries, fast food, a movie theater & bowling alley.
4.50 (73.7K reviews)
Osasco Plaza Shopping image
Osasco Plaza Shopping
Shopping mall
Large mall with stores for clothing, accessories, electronics & more, plus a food court & a cinema.
4.20 (49.9K reviews)
Super Shopping Osasco image
Super Shopping Osasco
Shopping mall
Modern, multi-level complex offering retail shops, a food court, children's play area & a cinema.
4.40 (42.1K reviews)
Coco Bambu Osasco: Restaurante, Peixe, Camarão, Carnes, Lagosta, Salada, SP image
Coco Bambu Osasco: Restaurante, Peixe, Camarão, Carnes, Lagosta, Salada, SP
👍👍 This was my second meal at Coco Bambu and for the second time I was absolutely thrilled. Tonight Nilton was our server and he was attentive and pleasant to speak with. Our meal was outstanding and we will return when in the area!
$$$ $
4.90 (26K reviews)
Carrefour Hipermercado Osasco image
Carrefour Hipermercado Osasco
😠 Is a common market. The day I went to this market, the service was horrible, the staff was gross and rude. I was going to talk to the manager about the treatment I received from two staff members, but I was so tired of the queue and tired of waiting, that I did not say and left. I was disappointed w...
$$ $$
4.20 (22.1K reviews)
Pátio Osasco Open Mall image
Pátio Osasco Open Mall
Shopping mall
Modern, open-plan shopping center with retail stores, plus a global food court, banking & a gym.
4.30 (9K reviews)
Pítz Burguer Restaurante image
Pítz Burguer Restaurante
Hamburger restaurant
All-you-can-eat pizza, plus burgers & steaks, at a lively bar & grill with a ball pit for kids.
$ $$$
4.40 (8.9K reviews)
SBT image
Television station
👍👍 Legal!!!
4.70 (8.2K reviews)
Central Shopping Osasco image
Central Shopping Osasco
Shopping mall
👍👍 Legal
4.20 (7.5K reviews)
Shopping Galeria image
Shopping Galeria
Shopping mall
Standard shopping center offering apparel, footwear, gifts & services, plus fast food & sweets.
4.10 (7.5K reviews)
Havan Marginal Tietê (Osasco) image
Havan Marginal Tietê (Osasco)
Department store
😐 Top
4.30 (7.3K reviews)
Sesc Osasco image
Sesc Osasco
Cultural center
4.60 (7.3K reviews)
Park Chico Mendes image
Park Chico Mendes
City park
Urban forest with a soccer field & play areas, plus a Japanese garden with a bridge & a duck pond.
4.20 (7.3K reviews)
Croma Burguers | Osasco image
Croma Burguers | Osasco
Hamburger restaurant
Unpretentious restaurant with an easygoing ambiance & a menu of fast-food standards.
4.60 (7.2K reviews)
Clínica Fares - Osasco image
Clínica Fares - Osasco
Medical clinic
👍👍 Today I was at Osasco fares to perform an obstetric endovaginal exam. I hadn't scheduled it, but I got an appointment and I was lucky to be very well attended by the doctor Isis Forgerini. For me, this exam was always very uncomfortable and I no longer believe it's because of the examination but by...
4.80 (6.7K reviews)
Habib's image
Fast food restaurant
😠 I am not satisfied with your staff....3 may almost 10:30 pm I take a two burgers from habibs...order of chicken burgers.....when I open at home that was beaf Burger... .very sad.. I am not happy with Habibi staff. Burgers burchase from autanomista branch. [email protected]
$$ $$
3.80 (6.2K reviews)
McDonald's image
Fast food restaurant
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.
$$ $$
4.10 (6.2K reviews)
Centro de Ofertas image
Centro de Ofertas
Shopping mall
👍👍 Legal
4.30 (6.1K reviews)
Outback Steakhouse image
Outback Steakhouse
Boisterous Australian-themed chain serving steaks, seafood & other hearty steakhouse fare.
$$$ $
4.60 (6.1K reviews)
Playland - Shopping União de Osasco image
Playland - Shopping União de Osasco
Amusement park
👍👍 Top!!!
4.50 (6K reviews)
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