Top rated Tourist attractions in Porto Alegre

Experience the best that Porto Alegre has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 67 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Basílica Nossa Senhora das Dores image
Basílica Nossa Senhora das Dores
Catholic church
Imposing 19th-century Catholic church with a long stone staircase, twin spires & an ornate interior.
4.90 (2.3K reviews)
Church of the Blessed Sacrament and St. Therese image
Church of the Blessed Sacrament and St. Therese
Catholic church
👍👍 Religion means reconnecting Man (in the sense of humanity, that is, human being, whether male or female) to God. It serves as a means, a tool, for every human being to seek something higher, which we call spirituality. So, regardless of your religion (your way of connecting with God - or gods), we...
4.90 (1.3K reviews)
Orla do Guaíba image
Orla do Guaíba
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A place I love, it's excellent for having chimarrão in the afternoon, or having that cold beer 🍺 while enjoying great music and watching the sunset ☀️
4.90 (518 reviews)
Museu de Paleontologia da UFRGS Irajá Damiani Pinto image
Museu de Paleontologia da UFRGS Irajá Damiani Pinto
👍👍 Small, but rich in information. Very cool.
4.90 (139 reviews)
Cais Embarcadero image
Cais Embarcadero
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Great waterfront location with variety of restaurants, children's play area, boat tours and several yachts sailing by with friendly people 👋
4.80 (13.7K reviews)
Parque Moacyr Scliar (Orla do Guaíba) image
Parque Moacyr Scliar (Orla do Guaíba)
City park
👍👍 Beautiful place to walk,run or take kids to enjoy a day and also see the sunset.
4.80 (10.8K reviews)
Catedral Metropolitana de Porto Alegre image
Catedral Metropolitana de Porto Alegre
Catholic cathedral
Stately cathedral with 2 bell towers, a 65-m. dome, colorful mosaic murals & other notable art.
4.80 (2.5K reviews)
Museu Militar do Comando Militar do Sul image
Museu Militar do Comando Militar do Sul
Army museum
👍👍 Very cool military museum located in the historic section of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul. Impressive display of WWII era weapons and vehicles. Worth a visit if you are ever in Porto Alegre - by far my favorite museum in the city and it's free.
4.80 (2.2K reviews)
Cultural-Historical Center Santa Casa image
Cultural-Historical Center Santa Casa
Cultural center
4.80 (1.9K reviews)
Sanctuary Mother of god image
Sanctuary Mother of god
👍👍 Spectacular place, very beautiful. Place of Peace and spirituality. A 360° view of Porto Alegre! Very beautiful, airy and modern church. Masses on Sundays at 9am and 4pm, Saturdays at 4pm.
4.80 (1.7K reviews)
Paróquia Nossa Senhora de Lourdes image
Paróquia Nossa Senhora de Lourdes
Catholic church
👍👍 This church, in addition to being very beautiful and of great importance to the community, has an invaluable artistic and cultural heritage. Old and welcoming church. Great option for those who want to participate in masses or parish activities in the Azenha neighborhood, in Porto Alegre. A great lo...
4.80 (371 reviews)
Morro da Tapera image
Morro da Tapera
Hiking area
👍👍 Gorgeous! I loved! Access is not the easiest, it is best to wear hiking clothes, a bottle of water and a flashlight if you are going back after sunset. It's steep, but the climb is quick. In total it took about 20-25 minutes, half of which is more boring and then more good. The view is incredible!!
4.80 (194 reviews)
Praça do Tambor image
Praça do Tambor
👍👍 Praça linda. Muitas vez ao valorizada
4.80 (101 reviews)
Morro São Caetano image
Morro São Caetano
Scenic spot
👍👍 Excellent place to go cycling! It's safe and the view is beautiful. But it has to have legs!
4.80 (73 reviews)
Parque Moinhos de Vento (Parcão) image
Parque Moinhos de Vento (Parcão)
City park
Green space offering athletic fields, a kids' library, a pond & a replica of an Azorean windmill.
4.70 (26K reviews)
Parque Germânia image
Parque Germânia
Municipal park offering tennis, basketball & indoor soccer courts, plus walking paths & playgrounds.
4.70 (19.5K reviews)
Park Marinha do Brasil image
Park Marinha do Brasil
City park
Large city park featuring multiple sport courts, art, gymnastic equipment & 11 acres of trees.
4.70 (13.8K reviews)
Fundação Iberê image
Fundação Iberê
Chic, modern museum devoted to artist Iberê Camargo, showcasing his work in a simple, white space.
4.70 (7.5K reviews)
Botanical Gardens of Porto Alegre image
Botanical Gardens of Porto Alegre
Botanical garden
39-hectare garden with native trees & flowers from Rio Grande do Sul, paths, lakes & picnic areas.
4.70 (4.9K reviews)
Praça Província de Shiga image
Praça Província de Shiga
Japanese-style garden featuring an ornamental pool & bridge, paths, a pavilion & flowering plants.
4.70 (4K reviews)
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