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Experience the best that Sorocaba has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 1.6K places in the city.

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Jewelry store
👍👍 Conheço a Jos's desde pequena, já comprei várias coisas pra mim e pra presente... Relógio, jóias de prata e ouro, até as alianças de 50 anos de casados dos meus avós. Recomendo muito, os produtos e o atendimento são ótimos!
5.00 (1.1K reviews)
Instituto Psique image
Instituto Psique
👍👍 Maravilhoso local, o atendimento excelente e acolhedor!
5.00 (688 reviews)
Vaccinate Clínica de Vacinas image
Vaccinate Clínica de Vacinas
Specialized clinic
👍👍 I don't even have words to describe how wonderful these girls are. I have a huge vaccine trauma due to the inhumane care I received at the UBS, I even pass out from fear. Two hours after I found out that I would have to take this vaccine, I contacted the clinic, they responded to me in the same minu...
5.00 (644 reviews)
CTLJ Executiva Viagens image
CTLJ Executiva Viagens
Travel agency
👍👍 Fui para diversas viagem com esta agência e é fantástico o cuidado que eles tem com os passageiros : Cabo Frio e Arraial do Cabo Caldas Novas Campos do Jordão Olímpia Hopi Hari. A experiência foi das melhores, recomendo para quem está em busca de viagens de "tiro curto" 2 a 5 dias. Podem confiar, q...
5.00 (389 reviews)
Life Sorrisos Sorocaba - Implantes - Dentista - Lente de contato image
Life Sorrisos Sorocaba - Implantes - Dentista - Lente de contato
👍👍 I really loved it, I've never been treated so well in a place, you guys are awesome, I loved it and wherever I go I'll speak really highly of you.
5.00 (330 reviews)
Puertas Odontologia image
Puertas Odontologia
Dental clinic
5.00 (267 reviews)
Clinica Vanessa Mutton - Transplante Capilar e Dermatologia image
Clinica Vanessa Mutton - Transplante Capilar e Dermatologia
Hair transplantation clinic
5.00 (231 reviews)
Dr Vacina Sorocaba - Shopping Olga image
Dr Vacina Sorocaba - Shopping Olga
Medical clinic
5.00 (219 reviews)
Instituto Vicentim Maekawa Clinica Odontológica e Estética image
Instituto Vicentim Maekawa Clinica Odontológica e Estética
👍👍 Super attentive and qualified professionals to take care of children. My 6-year-old son never felt intimidated because the security and affection conveyed by everyone was so great that, even for the extraction of teeth, he went in and came out happy, really happy, smiling with the "window". I, as a...
5.00 (213 reviews)
Massagem em Sorocaba - Sagat Massagens Terapêuticas image
Massagem em Sorocaba - Sagat Massagens Terapêuticas
Massage therapist
👍👍 I recommend.
5.00 (208 reviews)
Bem Viver Cafeteria image
Bem Viver Cafeteria
Breakfast restaurant
5.00 (203 reviews)
React Fitness Center image
React Fitness Center
Fitness center
👍👍 Very different and dynamic training where we can work our entire body, a pleasant environment where we feel part of the gym, and not to mention the personal trainers who, in addition to being qualified, are wonderful people.
5.00 (202 reviews)
Odontológica - Dentistas em Sorocaba image
Odontológica - Dentistas em Sorocaba
👍👍 Service was on time, every procedure carried out was explained beforehand and I am super satisfied with the treatment. I want to thank the entire team for all the professionalism and well-being they provided me. I highly recommend it... thank you everyone!
5.00 (197 reviews)
Sabor Saúde Sorocaba image
Sabor Saúde Sorocaba
Frozen food store
👍👍 Suuuper recomendo. As marmitas são excelentes super bem temperadas. E ontem meu esposo encomendou um bolo de aniversário sem gluten e ficou maravilhosamente gostoso. Por conta da sensibilidade ao gluten, fazia muito tempo que eu não comia bolo de aniversário.
5.00 (191 reviews)
Odontologia Dr. Gustavo Romano image
Odontologia Dr. Gustavo Romano
😠 I don't recommend it. It did a great job on my mouth, but it was of poor quality. Before 1 year, several areas where resin was applied had to be redone. Of course I went to another dentist because there's no point in insisting on a bad professional. There must be a lot of people here who help you wi...
5.00 (179 reviews)
HARMODONT Clínica Orofacial image
HARMODONT Clínica Orofacial
Dental clinic
👍👍 The clinic was recommended by my son, who said it was an excellent clinic. I was desperate about a dental problem that occurred to me. Arriving there, I was attended to and more than attended to, reassured by Doctor Loreta.... My treatment began very quickly, where the highlighted professional was D...
5.00 (164 reviews)
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