Worst rated places in Taguatinga

Steer clear of these locations to ensure a positive experience in Taguatinga. Our list highlights the least favorable places to help you make informed choices and enjoy your time in the city. Ratings are based from 8 places in the city.

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Hospital do Câncer Anchieta image
Hospital do Câncer Anchieta
2.00 (6 reviews)
Ouvi Dizer Lounge image
Ouvi Dizer Lounge
Night club
$$ $$
2.40 (27 reviews)
Túnel de Taguatinga image
Túnel de Taguatinga
Historical landmark
2.50 (26 reviews)
Brazil Central Clinic image
Brazil Central Clinic
Work medicine
😠 Horrible service, I arrived to get the certificate approved, I had to wait an hour, it's not busy. The treatment takes a long time, my finger is injured, I need to change the dressing, and they don't even pay attention, they just roll it up. Aida on top, the company lost my document, identity, It sh...
2.70 (165 reviews)
Santa Marta Hospital image
Santa Marta Hospital
Private hospital
😠 Péssimo, NUNCA levem seus filhos na emergência pediátrica. 1 hora para ser chamada, até que o atendimento médico foi bom Dra Karina muito simpática me ouviu e me explicou muito bem o que meu filho poderia ter e quais os exames seriam solicitados, examinou meu filho com cuidado. Agora quando chego pa...
2.80 (1.5K reviews)
Regional Hospital of Taguatinga image
Regional Hospital of Taguatinga
General hospital
👍👍 Não sei como descrever mas estou internado no HRT desde Doningo dia 20/08. Estou impressionado porque desde a hora em que entrei até agora não me falta atendimento de excelência. Creio que todos em Brasília tem um errado pré-conceito sobre hospital público como eu tinha até ter que ficar vários dia...
2.90 (471 reviews)
Hospital Oftalmológico de Brasília - Taguatinga (Taguatinga Norte) image
Hospital Oftalmológico de Brasília - Taguatinga (Taguatinga Norte)
Ophthalmology clinic
😐 If you're in a hurry. Don't go to this clinic because it takes a long time and the doctor took 45 minutes to see me there. I complained to the management, the clinic's manager is weak and then I complained to the doctor and then I was promptly attended to. Dr Rodrigo Yoshimoto is a top ten and he...
2.90 (86 reviews)
Anchieta Hospital image
Anchieta Hospital
Private hospital
😐 At least when I go to Anchieta, having my procedures done is very easy, it's complicated to park after 8am, I can't find a space near the hospital and normally I have to leave the car about 2 streets before/after the hospital, as leaving the attendants nearby gives an air of subpoena if you fail to...
3.00 (1K reviews)
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