Best places: Private hospitals in Teresina

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Hospital São Marcos image
Hospital São Marcos
Specialized hospital
😠 The service is terrible. The attendants treat patients differently when it comes to returning from the appointment, that is, they belittle it because it is a return, making scheduling difficult, in addition to being rude in the service. There is also the organization of the priority class that is n...
3.90 (346 reviews)
Hospital Itacor image
Hospital Itacor
Private hospital
😠 Não recomendo. Ainda não tinha me ocorrido uma situação como essa, uma consulta PARTICULAR sem vaga para encaixe no retorno, com todos os exames solicitados já em mãos, e muitas dores, sem medicação e sem dormir. Minha mãe terá que aguardar 22 dias para ter um retorno com o Reumatologista. Em que a...
3.90 (201 reviews)
Hospital Unimed Teresina - Ilhotas image
Hospital Unimed Teresina - Ilhotas
Private hospital
3.50 (208 reviews)
Hospital São Paulo image
Hospital São Paulo
Private hospital
3.10 (217 reviews)
Hospital São Pedro Med Imagem image
Hospital São Pedro Med Imagem
3.00 (158 reviews)
Hospital Santa Maria image
Hospital Santa Maria
Private hospital
😠 I had one of the worst experiences of my life in the emergency room of this hospital. The doctor prescribed the application of some drugs in the vein, and one of them gave me a terrible panic attack, no one warned me that this could happen. When I returned to the medication room, the nurses only sa...
2.80 (376 reviews)
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