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Experience the best that Bulgaria has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 22.3K places in the country.

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ABI Beauty България - център за диодна лазерна епилация, лифтинг, подмладяване и хайфу - София image
ABI Beauty България - център за диодна лазерна епилация, лифтинг, подмладяване и хайфу - София
Laser hair removal service
👍👍 HIFU full face - the effect was visible event right after the treatment. Zori was very kind and professional, explaining what exactly she was going to perform on my face and what to expect right after the treatment and long term. She was explaining every step in the process and making sure I felt co...
5.00 (877 reviews)
Battery-Center Ltd. image
Battery-Center Ltd.
Car battery store
5.00 (610 reviews)
Escapeway image
Escape room center
👍 I like the game. I like how they are organised. They are clean. I found the place a little bit harder to reach because they have two rooms not in one place otherwise i like their hospitality. Merci.
5.00 (503 reviews)
VS Style / image
VS Style /
Hair salon
👍👍 Did exactly what I wanted and gave me such good results. They were super friendly and nice. Felt so comfortable and I’m so happy with the result. 100% recommend
5.00 (388 reviews)
Lion's Pride Fitness | Fitness Pleven | Strength and Cardio Training | Professional instructors image
Lion's Pride Fitness | Fitness Pleven | Strength and Cardio Training | Professional instructors
👍👍 This fitness is the one and only in Pleven. Fully equipped and brand new. Never very crowded so you can make your time for each machine. There are couple of rooms if you want to train by yourself and all are freshly air circulated. The showers and the lockers are just perfect, clean and well designe...
5.00 (382 reviews)
IORDCUT Barbershop & Academy image
IORDCUT Barbershop & Academy
Barber shop
👍👍 Aug2023: i have not tried this place but it looks like a great barber shop, also for shaving beard. English perfectly spoken. Friendly service. But should make a reservation - seems popular.
5.00 (378 reviews)
HillView Veliko Tarnovo - Off-road tours image
HillView Veliko Tarnovo - Off-road tours
Tourist attraction
👍👍 We had an awesome experience with ATVs and buggies and off-road safari. Our safari driver was super polite and an awesome man! He made our experience 10 times better. Highly recommend!
5.00 (371 reviews)
Straightforward hotel by the beach offering an outdoor pool, a sundeck & parking.
5.00 (363 reviews)
Burger Chef Karshiaka image
Burger Chef Karshiaka
Hamburger restaurant
5.00 (362 reviews)
Nikol@s Jewellery Collection image
Nikol@s Jewellery Collection
Jewelry store
👍👍 Поръчах за първи път. Първоначално ме впечатли големият избор на красиви бижута. Но обслужването беше в пъти над очакваното - беше ми отделено време за консултация по време на потвърждение на поръчката, дамата дори си направи труда да ми изпрати видео, за да преценя дали поръчана та дебелина на вери...
5.00 (355 reviews)
Сатурн Компютърс image
Сатурн Компютърс
Computer store
👍👍 Бързо и качествено обслужване.
5.00 (323 reviews)
Tasting Room - Premium Spirits & Cocktails image
Tasting Room - Premium Spirits & Cocktails
👍👍 I can not describe how unique was the experience with the guys in there. Everything from the atmosphere to the service and the quality was on top level. Definitely recommend this place and will come back.
5.00 (320 reviews)
Samovilla Mountain Eco Resort image
Samovilla Mountain Eco Resort
👍👍 A wonderful and idyllic place in the Rila mountain - the perfect spot for relaxation. The chalets are very cozy, practical and in excellent condition. Everything is super-clean. The beds are comfortable. Each chalet has a fantastic view of Rila and one can be served either in the chalet or in the sm...
5.00 (304 reviews)
Ескейп стаи за деца на 10-13 - Hour Escape for Kids image
Ескейп стаи за деца на 10-13 - Hour Escape for Kids
Children's amusement center
👍👍 Thank you, Hour Escape, for making our son's birthday exciting and unforgettable! All the children came out of the adventures in both rooms, with big smiles, filled with many emotions and mood after the experience! Great organization, extremely fair team! I wholeheartedly recommend you!
5.00 (293 reviews)
Денонощна Заложна Къща Монопол image
Денонощна Заложна Къща Монопол
Pawn shop
👍👍 Мнодо добро обслужване ниски лихви и винаги те чакат,адмирации !!
5.00 (290 reviews)
Sub Diving image
Sub Diving
Diving center
👍👍 A truly amazing adventure! Thank you Naiden for all your support, advices, experience and patience. Your passion for diving is admirable and completely addictive. Highly recommend to live it yourself, guys.
5.00 (289 reviews)
Rafting club Reflip image
Rafting club Reflip
Canoe & kayak tour agency
👍👍 Best rafting experience ever. The guys are not only skilled but super funny and make this little adventure something we will never forget. Thank you! And Alex, you’re the funniest dude ever. Keep it going!
5.00 (287 reviews)
Miеli massage Sofia image
Miеli massage Sofia
Massage therapist
👍👍 I had a wonderful 2 hour massage with Nadia today who has amazing hands and really made me feel better. I am from USA and her English was excellent! Highly recommend this spa and Nadia. I will be coming back to see her ! Thank you !
5.00 (277 reviews)
Physical therapist Krasimir Rusev. Manual medicine! image
Physical therapist Krasimir Rusev. Manual medicine!
Physical therapist
👍👍 Can not recomend him high enaugh I was in a lot of pain and hardly walked but after only 2 visits im sooo much better and the pain is gone.Thank you Krasimir
5.00 (259 reviews)
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