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Experience the best that Plovdiv has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 38 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Retro Photo Old Plovdiv image
Retro Photo Old Plovdiv
Tourist attraction
👍👍 What a wonderful experience! We loved every second of this journey back in time! We got introduced to Bulgarian history and made wonderful memories with the staff! We gifted my grandma with one of the printed photos and the other one we proudly put up on our wall! We highly recommend this experience...
4.90 (134 reviews)
Plovdiv image
Tourist attraction
😐 Nice center piece. You need comfortable and low shoes. Do not walk on the stairs under the boxwood sign Plovdiv. Hundreds of broken glass, droppings, etc.
4.90 (50 reviews)
Bulgarian Honey Co. image
Bulgarian Honey Co.
👍👍 Very peculiar and delicious honey! I live this variety of tastes😋 P.s. one of my favourite is "Hot bomb" with chilli🌶 real immune booster Apart from that I love the company values and history))
4.90 (41 reviews)
“Tsar Simeon Garden” Park image
“Tsar Simeon Garden” Park
Spacious & leafy park laid out in 1892, home to a weekend fountain show on the lake & play areas.
4.80 (15.1K reviews)
Old Town of Plovdiv image
Old Town of Plovdiv
Historical landmark
Hillside complex combining culture & architecture from ancient times through the 19th century.
4.80 (4.2K reviews)
Museum of Natural Sciences image
Museum of Natural Sciences
Natural history museum
Natural history museum in an old town hall with an aquarium plus geology, zoology & botany exhibits.
4.80 (2.4K reviews)
Sveta Marina church image
Sveta Marina church
Eastern Orthodox Church
👍👍 A place of peace and reflection. When crowds of tourists crowd through the old town in summer, you can pause here at the shady walls. A large rood screen decorated with icons divides the church interior, which smells subtly of incense. The wooden tower is now only accessible via Uliza Stanislav Dosp...
4.80 (707 reviews)
"Sveta Bogoroditsa" Church image
"Sveta Bogoroditsa" Church
Orthodox church
👍👍 We just happened to stop by this beautiful church on our way up to the theatre on the top of the hill. Walking around it, there are some benches where you can sit and relax in the quietness. The entrance door and bell tower are Magnificant and you can see the pidgeons roosting up there.
4.80 (495 reviews)
St. Konstantin & Elena Church image
St. Konstantin & Elena Church
Orthodox church
👍👍 Church was built in 1832! It’s a small church with a small yard in the historical part of the old city. This is a water source in the yard and there are also some benches. Also there are beautiful fresco murals inside. Good place to take a rest and to think about.
4.80 (400 reviews)
Gate "Hisar Kapia", Plovdiv image
Gate "Hisar Kapia", Plovdiv
Tourist attraction
👍 A medieval gate and a touristic attraction; it is not really that interesting to look at; however, it is an historic site dating back from the 2nd century AD and located in the Old Town so make sure you don’t miss it when you walk around all the beautiful little lanes.
4.80 (392 reviews)
Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Permanent Exhibition image
Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Permanent Exhibition
👍👍 Wonderful house of the Revival Period built in the symmetrical style and hosting the work of one if Bulgaria's most famous painters. 70 works are in display most of them focusing on peasant life in the realist style. I can't say I enjoyed the paintings that much, felt too nationalist-communist but t...
4.80 (130 reviews)
Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis image
Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis
Historical landmark
Ancient Roman-style amphitheater restored & today hosting various performing arts events.
4.70 (17.4K reviews)
Singing Fountains image
Singing Fountains
Tourist attraction
Synchronised lights & water jets on a tree-fringed lake, with a children's splash fountain nearby.
4.70 (12.1K reviews)
Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis image
Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis
Historical landmark
Remains of a Roman stadium built in the first century AD that seated up to 30,000 spectators.
4.70 (7.5K reviews)
Youth Hill image
Youth Hill
Sculptures, trails & viewpoints around a dramatic rocky hill over the city, plus a kids' mini-train.
4.70 (4.9K reviews)
Monument of the Red Army "Alyosha" image
Monument of the Red Army "Alyosha"
Stone steps lead up to this massive, 1950s hilltop statue of a Soviet soldier towering over Plovdiv.
4.70 (4.3K reviews)
Regional Ethnographic Museum Plovdiv image
Regional Ethnographic Museum Plovdiv
Bulgarian cultural museum in a grand 19th-century building with art, musical instruments & costumes.
4.70 (1.9K reviews)
Free Plovdiv Tour image
Free Plovdiv Tour
Non-governmental organization
👍👍 What a great time Me and my friend joined the tour a few weeks ago and we got so lucky with our tour guide. Iliyan was hilarious! This guy really deserves promotion, he really turned our tour into an unforgettable experience. He was so funny and really managed to get the whole group to have fun whil...
4.70 (953 reviews)
Regional Archaeological Museum, Plovdiv image
Regional Archaeological Museum, Plovdiv
Archaeological museum
Compact gallery, circa 1882, featuring 100,000+ cultural artifacts & historical pieces.
4.70 (767 reviews)
Fountain image
Tourist attraction
👍 Nice fountain in the City Hall Center, which is a lovely square surrounded by a park, restaurants, shops, the beautiful City Hall, ands graced by nearby ancient Roman Ruins. Near the southern end of Plovdiv’s long pedestrian corridor locally called Main Street.
4.70 (454 reviews)
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