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Le Café Gourmand image
Le Café Gourmand
👍👍 2022 Update: We have been coming since 2012. Once again, the service here continues to be AMAZING. We love the staff! Reliable and you get food made the same (same style/recipe/taste) almost every time. Very rare. My compliments to the management and chef for their consistency and maintaining qualit...
4.20 (353 reviews)
Hotel Club Du Lac Tanganyika image
Hotel Club Du Lac Tanganyika
😠 Terrible service and horrible rude staff! Served fish in a vegetarian pasta and refused to give a refund. Do not recommend, save your money and do not go to a place that does not understand basic food allergies and requirements.
4.20 (320 reviews)
Arena Restaurant Lounge Bar image
Arena Restaurant Lounge Bar
👍👍 Has got to be one of the most upmarket places to eat and enjoy an evening out in Bujumbura. Was there during a special presentation of Burundian drums and dance (see vids). If you want to escape the daily hustle and bustle of Bujumbura in style. This is it.
4.20 (140 reviews)
Bujacafe image
👍 Love the serenity of the place, has good outdoor seating and natural plants. Had the cafe mocha and a plain croissant and it was relaxing as an evening treat. The team wait on you with such courtesy.
4.20 (132 reviews)
Waka Waka image
Waka Waka
Italian restaurant
👍 Updating: Five stars for service, but the food isn’t constant. Our last experience was the food was all very bland. Sad, as it was fine the time before, though not impressive flavor wise. Highly recommend they add some salt, seasonings, herbs, etc. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Gnocchi would have been amazing, but again,...
4.20 (111 reviews)
Roca Golf Hotel image
Roca Golf Hotel
👍👍 Roca Golf is one of the best hotel in Bujumbura capital city of Burundi and it is located in the centre of Bujumbura near a golf course where you can enjoy the best your golf experience. Except that it is near the airport compared to most of the hotels plus for coffee lovers it's 24h
4.10 (150 reviews)
Marché central de Bujumbura image
Marché central de Bujumbura
👍👍 A 'One Stop Market' for all your needs " Bujumbura City Market " offers a range of products to the general public. Starting with regional fresh fruits, vegetables, fish ,meat, handicrafts including the very famous African Wax print fabric "Kitega Fabric Clothes" , hand and trolley bags , home applia...
4.20 (109 reviews)
Safari Gate Hotel image
Safari Gate Hotel
😠 The Hotel has a Congolese barman tender; disrespectful to female clients , misogynist, and add up to the bill and fight with the client.
4.10 (119 reviews)
Vinotheque ZILLIKEN image
Vinotheque ZILLIKEN
👍👍 It’s very lovely restaurant. Foods are very good,specially fish from Lake Tanganyika. taste so beautiful!! interior of inside is so cute and artistic. Staff are very friendly. the location is in front of independence square.
4.50 (52 reviews)
Royal Palm Resort image
Royal Palm Resort
👍👍 I rate 5 stars and if there was 7 I would just rate 7. I like this place for it is clean and calm. The garden is just lovely (perfect for pictures). It is an upscale hotel and yes "akeza karigura" (Kirundi Proverb). I have not tasted any meals, I only go there to take pictures.
4.30 (70 reviews)
Harrys Grill House image
Harrys Grill House
Bar & grill
👍👍 "Harrys Grill House" inspired from the Indo Persian Cuisine is a once in a lifetime restaurant to visit to enjoy some of the very famous Mughal delicacy. One can enjoy the rich Indian cuisine with a twist of Iranian and Asian Cuisine. The "Chicken Biryani" to be very specific is a must try dish ou...
4.40 (57 reviews)
Amahoro Cafe image
Amahoro Cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 Very good Mexican style foods and fresh smoothies. Great place to have breakfast or lunch. The chicken tortilla soup was so large I took my main dish (fajitas) home for dinner later. Such a filling meal for a decent price!
4.40 (56 reviews)
Zion Beach image
Zion Beach
👍👍 It is rightly said " A lake is a landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature." Zion Beach Restaurant has all one can imagine to have a lifetime experience in this calm and drop dead pulchritudinous locati...
4.00 (130 reviews)
Hotel Tanganyika image
Hotel Tanganyika
👍👍 What a excellent, exceptional place
4.60 (40 reviews)
Village Hotel image
Village Hotel
👍 Hospitality is when someone feels at home and the "Village Hotel" is a perfect example of a "Home away from Home" . Situated in the centre of the city it comprises of 28 fully equipped rooms . The categories include Standard Rooms / Double or Deluxe Rooms and Suite . The rates here one of the lowe...
4.30 (51 reviews)
Tropicana Net Cafe image
Tropicana Net Cafe
👍👍 Loved everything (food, atmosphere) But the service could be better .
4.20 (57 reviews)
Taj Mahal grana parmisiano image
Taj Mahal grana parmisiano
Indian restaurant
👍👍 Good place Taj Mahal is also the reference in the Indian restaurants with their huge list of dishes like Biryani Bathura and chicken Tikka are one of these. If you are in Bujumbura and want to eat Indian then that's the place to try and it's good
4.30 (48 reviews)
Belvedere Restaurant image
Belvedere Restaurant
👍 Beautiful view at night time n food is ok
4.30 (46 reviews)
Bora Bora image
Bora Bora
Boat club
4.00 (80 reviews)
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