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Experience the best that Barrie has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 15 places from Teeth whitening service category.

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Eagle Ridge Dentistry image
Eagle Ridge Dentistry
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I recently had to find a new dental office cause my old one retired. A friend recommended Eagle Ridge Dentistry and once I seen the reviews I knew this would be my new dental office. The staff here are awsome. Right from the beginning I told them I’m a nervous person at the dentist. They recognized...
5.00 (177 reviews)
Simcoe Family Dentistry image
Simcoe Family Dentistry
5.00 (150 reviews)
Yonge Forest Dental image
Yonge Forest Dental
Dental clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Brand new facility, friendly staff and doctor. I have done my initial patient exam and cleaning. And one small filling which I have from long time but was scared to do that fill. But because of the doctor and staff confidence and friendliness help me to make my decision. I would recommend people to...
5.00 (132 reviews)
Barrie Heights Family Dentistry image
Barrie Heights Family Dentistry
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I really don't like going to dentists. I have moved often to avoid unnecessary procedures and overly chatty hygienists. I had to deal with none of that today. Well done!
5.00 (95 reviews)
River Rock Dental image
River Rock Dental
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The most caring dentist I ever been too. Chantal is so gentle and knowledgeable. My sister has moved 1hr away but still driving to Barrie to just see her!!
5.00 (59 reviews)
Barrie Smile Centre image
Barrie Smile Centre
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The staff and doctors were awesome with my granddaughter she's 9 and terrified of needles. They were so compassionate even when she didn't want the mask on. Will definitely use them again. Thank you for making her appt as stress free as possible. She asked when can we go back lol
4.90 (528 reviews)
Northern Horizon Dental Barrie image
Northern Horizon Dental Barrie
4.90 (476 reviews)
Ferris Lane Dental Barrie image
Ferris Lane Dental Barrie
😠 I went hear to take my daughter for some work. For some reason my Insurance declined but after a few days it was resolved and they got paid. What I didn't like was being threatened to take it to collections on the same day. What kind of business does this.
4.90 (242 reviews)
North Valley Medical Aesthetics image
North Valley Medical Aesthetics
Medical spa
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I’ve been going to Ashley to minimize my fine lines for years, her professionalism and compassion for helping others feel and look their best is unmatched. Ashley puts your mind at ease and is so gentle you can barely feel your injection. The amount of time and commitment Ashley puts into her busine...
4.90 (75 reviews)
Kin Paul Dr image
Kin Paul Dr
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Dr. Kin has been my dentist for 17 years and has always provided amazing service. He is very kind and sympathetic and a pleasure to deal with. I’ve moved to the other end of the city, but continue to have Dr. Kin as my dentist, as he is worth travelling for.
4.90 (31 reviews)
Park Place Dental image
Park Place Dental
4.80 (595 reviews)
Maplewood Dental image
Maplewood Dental
4.80 (159 reviews)
Essa Ferndale Dental image
Essa Ferndale Dental
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Absolute pros! I’ve been to many dental offices based on travelling for work and life and this is by far THE BEST for the work they do. Dr. Won & Dr. Darren are remarkable dentists I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the dental work they have given me. It’s like night and day quality of wor...
4.80 (33 reviews)
Big Bay Dental image
Big Bay Dental
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The staff was warm and welcoming. Very friendly and made my 9 y/o son feel very comfortable, as he was nervous about coming in. The hygienist did a fantastic job and the dentist was very well spoken, gentle and informative. My son actually enjoyed his experience and looks forward to going back. Best...
4.70 (112 reviews)
The Tooth Corner image
The Tooth Corner
😠 Definitely not a very good experience in this clinic!!! Do not waste your time and money, there's more clinic around the area with proper practice and better management. We had our cleaning done in this clinic on a weekend early November, provided all our insurance information to cover some of the c...
4.20 (178 reviews)
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