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Strive Health and Performance Coquitlam image
Strive Health and Performance Coquitlam
👍👍 Always friendly and always welcoming! These people really make you forget about your pain and make it a fun experience to visit! They also make it very accommodating with my baby! Physio therapist Is super knowledgeable and very caring. The one thing is just parking can be quite horrible at times. B...
4.90 (378 reviews)
Inspine Therapy - Coquitlam image
Inspine Therapy - Coquitlam
Physical therapist
👍👍 I love how they have everything you need for your health. Ever since I found Inspine Therapy, my life quality has gone up significantly. I was suffering from chronic low back pain for years. Michael and Kyle helped me move better, feel better and ultimately live better life. All of their staff are p...
5.00 (242 reviews)
Coquitlam Wellness Centre image
Coquitlam Wellness Centre
Physical therapist
👍👍 I have seen Brandon and Dallas for the past few months and they’ve been extremely helpful with my shoulder and lower back pain. They are friendly and professional. I have appreciated that they offer support for at home exercises to strengthen between appointments. And follow up appropriately and wi...
4.90 (216 reviews)
Manhas Health Co- Physiotherapy I Massage Therapy I Naturopath I Acupuncture I Personal Training image
Manhas Health Co- Physiotherapy I Massage Therapy I Naturopath I Acupuncture I Personal Training
Physical therapist
😠 Horrible, Unorganized, and Uncaring customer service & staff. It’s truly disturbing. My phone call consultation for the iud was Jan 2nd at 2pm, the doctor ended up calling me at 2:40pm and I missed the call by two minutes and immediately called back multiple times, they didn’t pick up. I then left...
4.70 (325 reviews)
Coast Therapy - Burquitlam(Burnaby/Coquitlam) image
Coast Therapy - Burquitlam(Burnaby/Coquitlam)
Massage therapist
👍👍 I went to Coast Therapy because of a back injury. Mila was my assigned therapist and she is like an angel or miracle worker. I was in such excruciating pain when I first met with her. She suggested doing acupuncture on me, and I accepted the treatment. It made such a difference on my level of pain,...
4.60 (354 reviews)
Core Kinesis Physiotherapy image
Core Kinesis Physiotherapy
Physical therapy clinic
👍👍 I'm incredibly grateful for the help I've received so far from Heather. When I came in recently for my first consultation session, I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain. I was stunned by how much relief I had after just that one 30 minute session. She managed to squeeze me in just two days lat...
5.00 (103 reviews)
Three Step Fitness Pilates Physio Clinic image
Three Step Fitness Pilates Physio Clinic
Physical therapist
😠 Oh gosh, where do I start? I had been coming to this clinic for a injury because I don't have a family doctor. I liked the doctors, but the clinic is just so poorly run. They kept losing or not collecting the results of tests I had done and I would have to track them down and then argue with the fro...
5.00 (101 reviews)
Aceso Health Clinic image
Aceso Health Clinic
Physical therapy clinic
👍👍 It was a few months ago when I went to Dr. Bondar for treatment, it took me 8 minutes to get there. But she moved and changed the location... Now I have to drive 45 minutes..!!!! I do and I definitely do, because it's worth it. She is knowledgeable and caring about the client's health. Most import...
4.90 (92 reviews)
Inspine Pilates - Coquitlam 인스파인 필라테스 코퀴틀람 image
Inspine Pilates - Coquitlam 인스파인 필라테스 코퀴틀람
Pilates studio
👍👍 First time trying Pilates and it’s awesome . Zoe , my trainer pays attention to details. Loving it.
4.90 (86 reviews)
painPRO Coquitlam Centre image
painPRO Coquitlam Centre
Massage therapist
😐 I had 60 minute session with Anna Spiak today, seemed like the massage therapist was trying to do as little as possible. I was invited into the room later than booked, although the time was not made up at the end so I had 50 minute massage instead of 60. Do not recommend.
4.80 (92 reviews)
Harmony Physiotherapy & Health image
Harmony Physiotherapy & Health
Physical therapist
👍👍 I had great experience for physiotherapy in this clinic. Clean relaxing atmosphere. Mr Hadi was my physiologist. So professional , responsible . He really took care of clients , he pays attention to detail. They sanitize equipment after each client. Also ladies in Reception desk are friendly, nice a...
4.50 (115 reviews)
Back In Motion Health - Burnaby/Coquitlam image
Back In Motion Health - Burnaby/Coquitlam
Physical therapist
4.40 (119 reviews)
Anson Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic image
Anson Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic
Physical therapist
👍👍 My husband and I have been patients at Anson Physiotherapy for a number of years. We have seen multiple different Physio's (Lori, Jod and Mhairi) and have been thoroughly impressed. Beyond their friendly comforting nature, they are all extremely knowledgeable. With various injuries and chronic pain,...
4.90 (44 reviews)
Coquitlam Integrated Health image
Coquitlam Integrated Health
Acupuncture clinic
😠 Booked an acupuncture appointment with Dr. Janet Yu at 9am Sep 22, took my disabled mother there in pouring rain, waited until 925am, the receptionist advised us, Dr.couldn’t make it. Dr. Yu is very unprofessional, if she cares about her patient, she should’ve called before 9... not sure where sh...
4.40 (81 reviews)
Burquitlam Physiotherapy (PrecisionCare) image
Burquitlam Physiotherapy (PrecisionCare)
Physical therapist
👍 I was not able to walk or climb stairs after a fall. I tried massage/physio. Nothing was helping. I had no fracture and because on my previously existing condition - Drs were advising me that made be it was time to use a wheelchair Funtime. Dr Wong got me back to almost where I am before my fall. I...
4.70 (51 reviews)
United Health image
United Health
Medical clinic
👍👍 All team members & Doctors are professional and expertise. I have good experiences and perfect relief and relaxation with Dr Vahid Shahroki, Dr Reza and Ehsan. They are highly recommended ✔️
4.70 (46 reviews)
Momentum Therapeutics Health Care Clinic image
Momentum Therapeutics Health Care Clinic
Medical clinic
👍👍 I am seeing Nurgul Barth for registered massage therapy on Sundays, and she is wonderful! Nurgul is an experienced massage therapist, and she takes the time to accurately assess and treat all my aches and pains. I always leave the appointment feeling great! She uses a combination of different tre...
4.40 (69 reviews)
The Well Medical Clinic image
The Well Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 I wouldn’t normally do this, but the way I had been treated here was unlike anything I have experienced in my past and I felt it was important to express this in hopes I can help other people not have to go through the same feelings I went through earlier today. I cannot speak on anyone besides the...
3.70 (412 reviews)
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