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Coquitlam Centre image
Coquitlam Centre
Shopping mall
Many well-known shops & eateries fill this 2-story enclosed mall with a vaulted wooden ceiling.
4.30 (9.3K reviews)
Westwood Plateau Village image
Westwood Plateau Village
Shopping mall
👍 Convenient community shopping plaza! Lots of variety of stores for your quick shopping needs. Overall, the shopping is moderately expensive. There is lots of parking and wheelchair accessible parking. To name a few places: Starbucks, Dollar & Cents, IGA Plateau Village Dental, Shoppers Drug Mart...
4.40 (296 reviews)
Hanin Village 한인 빌리지 image
Hanin Village 한인 빌리지
Shopping mall
👍👍 What a great surprise this area. Lots of Korean focused business. Went to H Mart, a much better experience than the one downtown Vancouver. Will go back to this area 👌🏼
4.20 (1.1K reviews)
Como Lake Village image
Como Lake Village
Shopping mall
😐 All the stores/services and are good, but it's the parking that sucks. Not enough parking and the size of the parking stalls are small. Reconsider parking in here if you have a large vehicle or poor turning radius.
4.20 (598 reviews)
Creekside Village image
Creekside Village
Shopping mall
👍 Creekside Village has lots of medical business on site. There is sushi, coffee shop, pharmacy, medical clinic, pet store, Mr. Lube, Liquor Store and more. Lots of parking depending on the time of day. Wheelchair accessible parking and accessibility.
4.30 (263 reviews)
Pinetree Village image
Pinetree Village
Shopping mall
👍👍 Nice and small shopping centre
4.10 (1.6K reviews)
Westwood Mall image
Westwood Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 Another mall similar to others, nothing special
3.90 (1.5K reviews)
Burquitlam Plaza image
Burquitlam Plaza
Outlet mall
😐 I've seen this place evolve from a residential area to a booming suburban environment. The advancement is nice, although the design is a bit messy. The SkyTrain station is a tremendous asset, but again, the design is sloppy with you needing to walk all the way around the station to enter. I love t...
3.90 (1.2K reviews)
Sunwood Square image
Sunwood Square
Shopping mall
👍👍 They have a good variety of restaurants and parking is also spacious.
4.20 (110 reviews)
Eagle Ridge Plaza image
Eagle Ridge Plaza
Shopping mall
👍 This is a great strip mall. Lots of shops to checkout. There is an amazing insurance place, 7-11, place to grab a quick bit to eat, Life Labs, Botox, pharmacy and more. No public washrooms available. Lots of parking depending the time of day you go of course. Wheelchair accessible parking and ac...
4.00 (212 reviews)
Hudson's Bay image
Hudson's Bay
Department store
😐 This Hudson’s Bay location is my #1 Favourite location, Local & Cheap. Place is good so far with good quality products and great customer service, But this place is pretty old and needs to be renovated. Here are some pictures showing the decaying parts of the building. Otherwise great place to shop.
3.80 (1.1K reviews)
Cariboo Centre image
Cariboo Centre
Shopping mall
😐 What was once a vibrant Strip Mall has seen better days. Since the Independent grocery store left, the mall sits mostly empty, a relic of a bygone era of brick-and-mortar retail. As online shopping big box stores and Lougheed mall have taken over, the Cariboo Mall has struggled to attract and reta...
3.80 (697 reviews)
The Centre at Glen & Johnson image
The Centre at Glen & Johnson
Shopping mall
👍👍 By far the best optical shop I’ve been! A hidden gem in Coquitlam and the Tricities. They carry glasses that you’ve never even seen before! Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The trendiest optical shop in town that’s for sure.
3.80 (290 reviews)
Austin Station image
Austin Station
Shopping mall
👍👍 Home sweet home shopping center!! Comfortable, easy to maneuver and a great location! Stop in for all your shopping needs
4.10 (80 reviews)
403 North Road Centre image
403 North Road Centre
Shopping mall
👍👍 Super rich texture, Vietnamese beef pho, the soup is sweet and delicious.
4.20 (52 reviews)
Coquitlam Square image
Coquitlam Square
Shopping mall
😠 Parked. Got towed. tow truck driver didn't check that there is a dog in the car, he also never reported that he towed the car (we called before filling a police report ) and the owner of the lot didn't bother to check that I was getting food at the restaurant after a short orthodontist app. ....was...
3.70 (259 reviews)
Henderson Place Mall image
Henderson Place Mall
Shopping mall
Bright, modern mall with skylights, a rounded glass façade & a food court, open since 1999.
3.60 (1.7K reviews)
Anson Professional Centre image
Anson Professional Centre
Shopping mall
😠 Be aware, front desk lady is a thief. She gives you a low-quote over the phone and recommend you make appointment online. Once you show up, they’ll charge you more than double. (In my opinion, I’m assuming she pockets the rest). Waste of patients’ time. Be very aware of their poor, unethical busine...
4.00 (58 reviews)
1120 Westwood image
1120 Westwood
Shopping mall
3.90 (62 reviews)
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