Hidden gems: City parks in Oakville

Discover the city's hidden treasures—remarkable spots that are relatively undiscovered but offer exceptional experiences. Our selection criteria? A rating of 4.5 or higher with fewer than 150 reviews. Explore these lesser-known yet outstanding places that promise a delightful visit in Oakville. This list contains 6 places from City park category.

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Morrison Valley South image
Morrison Valley South
City park
👍👍 Love this area, it is beautiful year round, great place to walk a dog or ride a bike.
4.80 (58 reviews)
George Savage Park image
George Savage Park
City park
😠 The proximity of the children's playground to the basketball court and skating grounds is not "family friendly" if you know what I mean. I can't go and tell the young men playing basketball to "keep it clean" because there are kids around... The one who designed the park and authorized this design s...
4.60 (118 reviews)
Creek Path Woods image
Creek Path Woods
City park
👍 Great find, we were just passing by and found a beautiful set of trails.
4.60 (73 reviews)
Colonel William Woods Parkette image
Colonel William Woods Parkette
City park
👍👍 Absolutely everything in this life including you is a limited-time offer. Get out there and experience the day.
4.60 (46 reviews)
Castlebrook Park image
Castlebrook Park
City park
Dogs allowed
4.60 (34 reviews)
Litchfield Park image
Litchfield Park
4.60 (17 reviews)
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