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Experience the best that Oakville has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 27 places from Medical clinic category.

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Passport Health Oakville Travel Clinic image
Passport Health Oakville Travel Clinic
Travel clinic
😐 I visited the clinic with my partner and 2 children. The appointment didn't take long. Nurse Jessica was polite and kind. I must say we were disappointed that we weren't given a prescription for Dukoral and were told we can get it over the counter. When we went to purchase the oral vaccine, we were...
4.80 (217 reviews)
Panel Physician Oakville image
Panel Physician Oakville
Medical Center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The entire staff was extremely friendly and efficient, dealt professional with challenging customers and the wait times were absolutely acceptable. Thank you to all!!
4.80 (204 reviews)
The So Simple Vasectomy Clinic image
The So Simple Vasectomy Clinic
Medical clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Had my procedure today, the procedure went really well. Super fast, very informative, very kind. I am very impressed. If you follow the doctors orders you recover well. A couple quick pinches and it's all over. Pay the extra 100 and get the care package; it's well worth it! Thanks again. Shut the...
4.80 (49 reviews)
Skin Vitality Medical Clinic Oakville image
Skin Vitality Medical Clinic Oakville
Medical spa
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Experience was great! I was greeted and assisted very professionally. My 3rd PRP was smooth, quick and painless. Donna was awesome! gave me some great tips and did an amazing job!
4.60 (657 reviews)
Oakwood Health Network image
Oakwood Health Network
πŸ‘πŸ‘ When I first contacted Oakwood Clinic, they answered all my questions and concerns thoroughly and gave me the space to research and think it over. I decided to proceed with the treatment, though it's not inexpensive. The staff are friendly and professional and always make you feel comfortable. Th...
4.60 (46 reviews)
Institute for Hormonal Health (A GraceMed Clinic) image
Institute for Hormonal Health (A GraceMed Clinic)
Medical clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Dealing with Dr. Prouse and Dr. Spector has been one of the most positive and fulfilling medical experiences I have ever had. I felt heard, respected and not dismissed. All my concerns and questions were addressed in a timely and considerate manner. The supplements and treatments are expensive but I...
4.40 (33 reviews)
PCC Pain Care Clinics Oakville image
PCC Pain Care Clinics Oakville
Pain management physician
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I absolutely love this clinic! I've been a patient of them since 2019, the nurses and staff are amazing! Of course they get busy but what medical clinic isn't ? They are very understanding and accommodating to everyone's schedule as long as you call ahead. They do have busy periods , but it's only...
4.30 (49 reviews)
Oak Park Medical Clinic image
Oak Park Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ My family and I are patients of Dr. Nada Rizk and very happy with her. They clinic is clean and organized. Their staff are very nice and friendly. Walk-ins do tend to take a long time as the doctor sees them in between appointments. Overall very happy with Oak Park Medical.
4.00 (154 reviews)
HealthSense Medical image
HealthSense Medical
Walk-in clinic
😠 I went this morning and the screening done by the receptionist was misleading d plain wrong. I went because my daughter was complaining of earpain and it was the only symptom. When they asked me if she had runny nose, I told her no but that she has allergies sometimes (which I said thinking it might...
3.70 (125 reviews)
Oak-Trafalgar Medical Clinic image
Oak-Trafalgar Medical Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 Today was my first day going to this clinic and I did not have a pleasant experience. The front desk ladies were not very friendly and welcoming, and I waited almost 2 hours when they told me I had to wait only 1 hour. Next, one pharmacy lady was showing a lot of attitude towards the patients and my...
3.70 (87 reviews)
One Health Medical Centre Oakville image
One Health Medical Centre Oakville
Medical clinic
🫀 I was excited about this new clinic which is very close to my house; I signed up with Dr. Teelucksingh who is a very nice person and knowledgeable , I was happy with the care he provided by the clinic is poorly managed with long wait times; you have an appointment at 11 you show up on time they keep...
3.70 (72 reviews)
Wellspace MD Family Practice image
Wellspace MD Family Practice
Medical clinic
😠 First impression Dr. Al-Ameer was kind and thorough. It’s amazing because she is a great family doctor and experienced OBGYN, but on the other hand she does however need to replace her extremely rude reception staff. They are the main reason why I had to find a new family doctor. They took every opp...
3.70 (41 reviews)
OAKMED Family Health Team image
OAKMED Family Health Team
Medical clinic
😠 The Doctors and Nurse practitioners are great at this clinic but the staff who answer calls and take apppointments need a lesson in customer service. I understand you people must deal with a lot of morons and hypochondriacs, but that by no means justifies your impatience and complete lack of empath...
3.70 (36 reviews)
Royal Oak Clinic image
Royal Oak Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Receptionists are horrible, rude and slow. It doesn’t kill you to be at least 1% nice or even just polite. Change your staff for God’s sake.
3.60 (37 reviews)
Shepherd Clinic image
Shepherd Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 Absolutely the worst and unprofessional clinic. The doctor is not helpful at all and refuses to listen and help. You are just a number to him to bill to the government which he actually quoted in person at the clinic. I do not understand how and why this place have such high rating. Would NEVER reco...
3.50 (104 reviews)
Trafalgar Medical Clinic image
Trafalgar Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
🫀 This clinic is incredibly frustrating. Before I could get through to an actual person on the phone lines, I was kept on hold for 12 minutes. I called three times prior to that so by the third time I thought I'd humour myself and see how long it actually took before I was able to speak to anyone. 12...
3.50 (46 reviews)
Sheddon Medical image
Sheddon Medical
Medical clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I have been a patient of Dr Jane Aldridge for several decades. She is a beatutiful strong woman with a heart of gold. She never sugar coats anything, and if she is unsure of a diagnosis she is not afraid to investigate. When I had my children she gladly took them on as her patients. The Fantastic se...
3.50 (43 reviews)
Postmaster Medical Clinic image
Postmaster Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 I walked in today to see Dr. Raghad Shareef. She was passive aggressive, rude , interrupted me constantly. Dismissed my symptoms and concerns. I have severe lower back pain to the point the I can’t move or sit. Standing up is inducing black outs and I feel faint. This doctor is not empathetic at all...
3.20 (234 reviews)
The Oakville Health Centre image
The Oakville Health Centre
Medical clinic
😠 I used to go here for medical care. The doctors (DR. Eddenden, DR. May....) and many nurses are warm and kind. EXCEPT with the receptionist/manager/Nurse ERIN and DR. ZAND on my recent visit. The receptionist (she told me that she was the manager) was terribly rude and condescending. She at a poin...
3.00 (72 reviews)
Rebecca Medical Walk-In Clinic image
Rebecca Medical Walk-In Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Love love love the doctors at this clinic. Specifically Dr. Graice, who you will always wait for but only because she is so thorough with her patients, and never rushes you out of the office- A win in my books! I’m happy to wait as long as I need to as long as I feel heard and am taken seriously. Th...
3.00 (71 reviews)
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