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Glendale Pharmacy image
Glendale Pharmacy
👍👍 BEST SERVICE! They are so personable! They actually care that you are their customer. Never, ever a long wait and so polite and compassionate! Adel and his team are what each pharmacy should be: polite, compassionate and considerate!
4.60 (53 reviews)
Loblaws Liverpool Road image
Loblaws Liverpool Road
Grocery store
😠 If I could give a place negative stars I would. Not only are they unprofessional they allow racist employees, physical assault, and slurs upon a black woman by a white male customer. Nothing was done about the situation and yet the woman was put at fault for standing up for herself in a situation wh...
3.80 (2.4K reviews)
Super Seven Pharmacy - Walk-in Clinic Pickering image
Super Seven Pharmacy - Walk-in Clinic Pickering
😠 SCAM ALERT! The doctors at this office, work with another company that provides the “virtual appointments”. These people are blatantly stealing money for services, and then not providing them. So as long as I don’t receive my money back, I will leave reviews, file complaints, and then head over to c...
4.20 (87 reviews)
Durham Drug Store | Travel PCR Walk-in | Minor Ailments Clinic image
Durham Drug Store | Travel PCR Walk-in | Minor Ailments Clinic
👍👍 I went in for a consult and Dr. Lou explained that he was an intern, and he will assess me first and then a doctor will call to discuss the findings. He was very thorough, observant and he really listened. He was able to diagnose me correctly, as validated by the telehealth doctor. I’ve been to 2 di...
4.20 (60 reviews)
Shoppers Drug Mart image
Shoppers Drug Mart
👍👍 We have had the pleasure of using this service for at least the last 5 years. My parents have been attending this branch for alot longer. I have to say every single department seems to have gone above and beyond to ensure that their staff have been carefully selected in order to achieve the highest...
3.80 (84 reviews)
Med Cure IDA Pharmacy & Medical Clinic image
Med Cure IDA Pharmacy & Medical Clinic
😠 Not even worth 1 star. “Dr” Siraj Muneer is the most unprofessional, unintellectual, and outright disrespectful “doctor”. I went in for my blood test results, but he made me out to be irresponsible and lazy for not having them on hand. When I mentioned that my previous family doctor would take care...
3.80 (72 reviews)
Pickering Medical Pharmacy image
Pickering Medical Pharmacy
😠 This is the worst pharmacy I've ever been to , they are so ignorant well Brenda or Debra I think her name is ,is the most ignorant person I've met, I went 6 times and everytime she charged me a different amount for my medication, then I find out she does it to other people too, she's obviously stea...
3.70 (63 reviews)
Shoppers Drug Mart image
Shoppers Drug Mart
🫤 ATTN PHARMACY TEAM: The pharmacy team is pretty good at this location, but honestly they don't pick up their phones or you're left on the call for at least 25min. Before you give up and try again. Also, what's the point of doing refill requests via online or phone when they don't read them anyway?!...
3.30 (121 reviews)
Shoppers Drug Mart image
Shoppers Drug Mart
😠 Rude, lack of problem solving and store policy. Black lady with dreads in cosmetics will stare at you and will make you feel like a criminal. She’ll also complain about you with manager on the floor. Asian lady at postal office is rude. Walked away when i was speaking to her. Asian lady cashier wil...
3.20 (118 reviews)
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