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Penguin Dairy Drive Inn image
Penguin Dairy Drive Inn
🫤 First of all there is no washroom. And after having the thin burger paddy you WILL need a bathroom. So just reheated frozen food. Might as well go to burger baron. Probably not going again.
4.00 (98 reviews)
FIELDS Spirit River image
FIELDS Spirit River
Department store
4.20 (46 reviews)
Spirit River Hotel Ltd image
Spirit River Hotel Ltd
😐 This place needs a serious flush. Too harsh? I don't think so. The staff are just punching a time card from what I can tell. The bar (which should be a money maker) is closed on Sunday and only open until 7:30 on the other days. For a place in the middle of resource country, it doesn't allow work...
3.80 (65 reviews)
Motel 49 image
Motel 49
😠 The rooms were grimy and the bedding was thin with wear. No toiletries except for bar soap. Bedding is old and yellow, blankets have holes from cigarettes and the pillows are old and smell old. The walls are grimy and are never washed. The microwave had stuff that was splashed on the outside and nev...
3.20 (49 reviews)
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