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St Albert Botanic Park image
St Albert Botanic Park
Botanical garden
👍👍 Such a beautiful place and lifts the spirits. Thank you to all those who work hard to maintain it.
4.70 (582 reviews)
Lions Park image
Lions Park
👍👍 I've walked here twice in the last week! Its so lovely! The rivers right near buy, and you can play pooh sticks on the bride. A st.albert institution. Also there's picnic tables, and you know, other stuff you see in parks. No playgrounds though. Just lovely trees and water. Enjoy!
4.60 (806 reviews)
Riverlot 56 Natural Area image
Riverlot 56 Natural Area
Nature preserve
👍👍 As a former resident of Poundmakers Lodge Treatment Centers, walking the trails in this area has a special meaning to me. Absolutely everyone can appreciate the beauty of the wonderful scenery here though. With trails all over the place going in every possible direction, there's certainly lots to e...
4.70 (287 reviews)
Riel Recreation Park image
Riel Recreation Park
👍 Nice place for a day visit. Small playground for the kids, nice walking paths, picnic tables for a bbq. Portable washrooms
4.50 (603 reviews)
Woodlands Water Play Park image
Woodlands Water Play Park
Water park
👍👍 It’s very nice place. My daughter was very happy The entrance to the park is free.
4.50 (374 reviews)
Red Willow Park image
Red Willow Park
😠 Walked in there today with my friend and our girlfriends. We were jumping around having fun for a little while, an employee named Nathan came into the dodge ball part, a ball went into the corner one of us went to grab it and when he could of calmly told us not to go in the corner, he yelled about 6...
4.60 (212 reviews)
John E. Poole Wetlands image
John E. Poole Wetlands
Nature preserve
👍👍 It's free and a nice walk at sunset. A lot of people taking photos of babies and mom's with babies yet to be babies, engagement and selfies. Coat yourself in bug deterrent spray or equivalent
4.80 (114 reviews)
St. Albert's Historic River Lots + Grain Elevators image
St. Albert's Historic River Lots + Grain Elevators
Heritage building
👍👍 Spend a wonderful 1.5 hours at this interesting open air museum with Maria as my guide/interpreter. Maria made the tour so very interesting with her knowledge, insightful interpretations, and genuine passion for the site! Highly recommend a visit! (While there, be sure to check out the cute rocks pa...
4.50 (146 reviews)
Mission Park image
Mission Park
Dogs allowed
4.70 (59 reviews)
Flagstone Park image
Flagstone Park
Dogs allowed
4.50 (75 reviews)
Rotary Park image
Rotary Park
👍👍 A very small but usefull boat lanch for canoes and kayaks. This is a great spot to kayak because the current isnt noticable. If you kayak down river, you go under a bridge than end up at a lake. I enjoy kayaking through the trees.
4.60 (61 reviews)
Deer Ridge Park image
Deer Ridge Park
👍 Love the neighborhood, kind people.
4.40 (55 reviews)
Attwood Park image
Attwood Park
Dogs allowed
4.30 (63 reviews)
Larose Park image
Larose Park
Dogs allowed
4.30 (58 reviews)
Fowler Athletic Park image
Fowler Athletic Park
👍👍 yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo im just trying to get the 200 character achievement ihdiqwehbfihbweibefibiebiebiwefbihbihewfbhhdbfjhsbsdsiefbhifewbihefiihbhbiefhefhbiwefb i think that's good
4.30 (55 reviews)
Musée Héritage Museum image
Musée Héritage Museum
👍 Very clean museum, very cool that they had some live animals in some of the exhibits and full live bug exhibit. Price was decent, I would recommend. Parking was difficult to find nearby and was almost the price of the museum ticket for one adult. Great place to bring kids as under 6 yrs are free.
4.40 (41 reviews)
Grey Nuns White Spruce Park image
Grey Nuns White Spruce Park
🫤 The construction has really pushed most wildlife out. Used to see a lot of different birds and mammals, now only see terrible dog owners who let their dogs run free and don't pick up after them. It is an on lease area, but try telling that to a dog owner. If you do, be prepared to argue with a brick...
4.40 (34 reviews)
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