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Stephenville Lions Club image
Stephenville Lions Club
πŸ‘ Nice clean building
4.20 (17 reviews)
Coastal Glass INC image
Coastal Glass INC
Auto glass shop
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Very good experience all around. The people were great and the price was lower than anywhere else. Definitely recommend!
4.90 (25 reviews)
TNT Tirecraft Stephenville image
TNT Tirecraft Stephenville
Tire shop
😠 This shop gives mechanics a bad name. They charged $500 for a brake line repair, true scam artists. Save yourself the extra money and hassle and go somewhere else!
4.50 (41 reviews)
Kindale Public Library image
Kindale Public Library
Public library
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Awesome library with great staff.
4.50 (15 reviews)
MF Motorsports image
MF Motorsports
Motorsports store
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Extremely happy with the service they provided. Was able to do the job quickly and sufficiently on a last minuet notice. Being a young female driver it’s hard to find genuine garage that don’t take advantage (I’ve been to a few) but they reassured me by showing and explaining the procedure in detail...
4.40 (65 reviews)
Harmon Seaside Links image
Harmon Seaside Links
Golf course
πŸ‘ Nice place to camp in summer and dog walk or snowshoe in the winter. Mostly large RV in this park during camping season.
4.30 (38 reviews)
Stephenville Cinema image
Stephenville Cinema
Movie theater
😠 Went and seen it chapter 2 was suppose to be a 14+ movie and there was more 12 13 year olds then adults couldnt hear the movie the full time because there was kids behind us chatting
4.20 (87 reviews)
Stephenville Aquatic Centre image
Stephenville Aquatic Centre
Public swimming pool
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Always friendly staff, great lifegurads who do their job properly and keep watch for anyone doing things they should not be doing. Very comfortable experience swimming here! Unfortunate that the hot tub is not up and running at the moment but this is a great place to come to get exercise and enjoy s...
4.80 (17 reviews)
Noels Pond image
Noels Pond
4.80 (8 reviews)
College of the North Atlantic image
College of the North Atlantic
😠 This College never Refunded my money . i am asking them to return my money form day one and now it is 35 days gone . still not received my money (( they are not responding to my email )) so don't fall for their trap
3.80 (32 reviews)
Stephenville Dome image
Stephenville Dome
Ice skating rink
πŸ‘πŸ‘ A great local hockey and recreational facility. It has a walking track and is home of the Stephenville Jets Hockey team.
4.40 (63 reviews)
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