Worst rated places in Thorold

Steer clear of these locations to ensure a positive experience in Thorold. Our list highlights the least favorable places to help you make informed choices and enjoy your time in the city. Ratings are based from 7 places in the city.

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Express Inn image
Express Inn
Indoor lodging
😠 Your water smells like sulfur it stinks up the whole f****** room and it's disgusting
2.70 (22 reviews)
Pine Hotel image
Pine Hotel
πŸ‘ Best flophouse in town
2.80 (17 reviews)
Roadway Friendship Inn image
Roadway Friendship Inn
Indoor lodging
πŸ‘πŸ‘ This isn't a Best Western or a Hilton, so don't expect luxury. The rooms are clean and completely bug free, and the owner is one of the kindest most helpful people I've ever met in my life. I stayed 12 days and never had any problems or complaints.
2.80 (5 reviews)
Thorold Secondary School image
Thorold Secondary School
😐 I’m from America so I don’t count but I dropped by to say hey to Canadians. Just saying I’m 14 in 9th grade Canada seems fun but can’t go there cause I’m poor. Lol and I play ps4 so if you play ps4 my account name is Xxbruh-_-. Byeeee Hope y’all have a Nice years in high school.
2.90 (27 reviews)
Golf Inn image
Golf Inn
πŸ‘πŸ‘ First time staying here. As a rule my wife and I will visit lower rated places to see if all the reviews are as bad as they seem to be. We were greeted by a nice man named Peter. He offered 2 different rooms depending on our needs. The room was clean and tidy. Everything worked. Basically you...
2.90 (20 reviews)
Peace Medical Clinic image
Peace Medical Clinic
😠 Doctor Sedak does not listen. A family member is in dire need of therapy and was simply brushed off because she was on ohip, sedak did nothing. Did not try to find a therapist or psychiatrist who would take ohip, make suggestions, check her meds, absolutely nothing. She brushes off issues, has no me...
3.00 (20 reviews)
Thorold Medical Centre image
Thorold Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Can never get through to the office to book a appointment.. staff doesnt like to answer the phone!
3.00 (6 reviews)
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