Worst rated: Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

  1. 1.70 Fresh Restaurants   (28 reviews)
  2. 2.80 Liberty Noodle   (112 reviews) CLOSED
  3. 2.80 Thai Express   (23 reviews)
  4. 2.90 Lucky Garden Restaurant   (110 reviews) Chinese standards from a basic eatery
  5. 3.00 Indian Biriyani House   (339 reviews) Low-key option for classic halal dishes
  6. 3.00 Falafel Hut   (145 reviews) Late-night food
  7. 3.00 Garden Gangsters   (43 reviews) Breakfast

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What's a Worst rated?

You should really avoid these places at all costs as you will most likely have a bad experience. These Vegan Restaurants are worst in the Toronto.

This page was last updated on Jul 12, 2022.