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Centro Comercial Viva Envigado image
Centro Comercial Viva Envigado
Shopping mall
👍👍 This mall is amazing. Pictures don't do justice. Clean, spacious, and well designed w/3 floors, lots of stores, several resting areas & children's play areas, co-working section, and extensive food court on 3rd level (fast food and sit down restaurants seperated - nice touch). There's also a huge...
4.70 (49.3K reviews) (~0.79 km from centre)
Sabaneta Park image
Sabaneta Park
Cobblestone plaza with an ornamental fountain, ringed by tall trees & bars with outdoor seating.
4.70 (48.2K reviews) (~3.73 km from centre)
Éxito Wow Envigado image
Éxito Wow Envigado
👍👍 Nice place reminds me of the states Lots of options of food and shopping.
4.50 (43.2K reviews) (~0.78 km from centre)
Oviedo image
Shopping mall
Large, contemporary center providing a wide range of retail shops, restaurants & fast-food outlets.
4.60 (38.4K reviews) (~3.51 km from centre)
El Tesoro Parque Comercial image
El Tesoro Parque Comercial
Shopping mall
Set around a bright, leafy atrium, this modern mall features global brands & a movie theater.
4.80 (34.5K reviews) (~4.42 km from centre)
Mayorca Mega Plaza image
Mayorca Mega Plaza
Outlet mall
Spacious, modern mall with dozens of retail stores & outlets, plus a movie theater & a food court.
4.60 (32.1K reviews) (~2.2 km from centre)
Parque de El Poblado image
Parque de El Poblado
Green square & central meeting spot with food vendors, artisan craft stalls & surrounding nightlife.
4.40 (31.5K reviews) (~4.83 km from centre)
Envigado Main Park image
Envigado Main Park
Paved square with shaded benches, a fountain & a Simón Bolívar statue, plus holiday light displays.
4.60 (22.7K reviews) (~0.01 km from centre)
Arkadia Shopping Center image
Arkadia Shopping Center
Shopping mall
Stylish, contemporary mall featuring a supermarket & chain retailers, plus a food court & cinema.
4.70 (20.5K reviews) (~4.74 km from centre)
Lleras Park image
Lleras Park
Energetic area with a variety of restaurants serving regional cuisine, plus bars & other nightlife.
4.40 (19.8K reviews) (~4.82 km from centre)
Homecenter | Envigado image
Homecenter | Envigado
Building materials store
👍👍 Home Centers is a center for home improvement. It's designed as a construction mall, that have something for everyone looking to improve their home, office or any place of business. You will find any tools from a drill, to a lawn mower. From Furniture and decorative items, to curtains, decorative bo...
4.50 (19.7K reviews) (~0.96 km from centre)
Parque de Itagüí image
Parque de Itagüí
Central, palm-dotted plaza lined with shops, bars & restaurants, plus many street food vendors.
4.50 (18.4K reviews) (~2.45 km from centre)
PriceSmart image
Warehouse store
😐 The door guards are rude, but they hija e good prices. You can find things here, you can’t find in other places in Medellin.
4.50 (18.1K reviews) (~4.73 km from centre)
El Castillo Museum and Gardens image
El Castillo Museum and Gardens
History museum
Grand castle-style home-turned-museum in scenic surrounds, offering tours & temporary art exhibits.
4.70 (13.2K reviews) (~2.98 km from centre)
Restaurante Mondongo's El Poblado image
Restaurante Mondongo's El Poblado
Colombian restaurant
👍👍 This is a traditional Colombian restaurant. I went around 12:40 pm, it was crowded but there were available seating. I ordered bandeja paisa. Portions were large and food was delicious. I also ordered cola zero and they brought 300 ml large bottle. Unfortunately 10% tip is included. I don’t like res...
$$ $$
4.60 (11.4K reviews) (~4.92 km from centre)
Jumbo Store - Las Vegas image
Jumbo Store - Las Vegas
4.40 (10.2K reviews) (~1.94 km from centre)
Cine Colombia Viva Envigado image
Cine Colombia Viva Envigado
Movie theater
4.80 (10.2K reviews) (~0.98 km from centre)
Sao Paulo Plaza image
Sao Paulo Plaza
Shopping mall
Venue for retail, offices & lodging, featuring a mall with a supermarket & an airy food court.
4.50 (9.8K reviews) (~1.85 km from centre)
Parque de las Chimeneas image
Parque de las Chimeneas
Public park for activities such as cycling & sports, featuring an area with lighted water jets.
4.30 (9.7K reviews) (~2.56 km from centre)
Hotel Dann Carlton Medellin image
Hotel Dann Carlton Medellin
Sophisticated high-rise property offering 3 restaurants, an outdoor pool & a spa.
4.60 (8.9K reviews) (~4.53 km from centre)
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