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Pueblito Paisa image
Pueblito Paisa
Tourist attraction
Iconic hill with a sculpture garden, open-air theater & a composite of a typical town of the region.
4.50 (61.6K reviews) (~7.39 km from centre)
Centro Comercial Viva Envigado image
Centro Comercial Viva Envigado
Shopping mall
👍👍 This mall is amazing. Pictures don't do justice. Clean, spacious, and well designed w/3 floors, lots of stores, several resting areas & children's play areas, co-working section, and extensive food court on 3rd level (fast food and sit down restaurants seperated - nice touch). There's also a huge...
4.70 (49.3K reviews) (~0.79 km from centre)
Sabaneta Park image
Sabaneta Park
Cobblestone plaza with an ornamental fountain, ringed by tall trees & bars with outdoor seating.
4.70 (48.2K reviews) (~3.73 km from centre)
El Peñol de Guatapé image
El Peñol de Guatapé
Tourist attraction
Massive rock offering panoramic views from the top, reachable by a climb of 600+ steps.
4.80 (47.7K reviews) (~45.48 km from centre)
Éxito Wow Envigado image
Éxito Wow Envigado
👍👍 Nice place reminds me of the states Lots of options of food and shopping.
4.50 (43.2K reviews) (~0.78 km from centre)
Jardín Botánico de Medellín image
Jardín Botánico de Medellín
Botanical garden
Botanical garden offering a variety of plant species, educational exhibits & a butterfly house.
4.70 (40.7K reviews) (~11.46 km from centre)
Centro Comercial Premium Plaza image
Centro Comercial Premium Plaza
Shopping mall
Contemporary shopping hub with clothing stores, a cinema & gyms, plus a casino & eateries.
4.50 (39.5K reviews) (~6.79 km from centre)
Oviedo image
Shopping mall
Large, contemporary center providing a wide range of retail shops, restaurants & fast-food outlets.
4.60 (38.4K reviews) (~3.51 km from centre)
Atanasio Girardot Stadium image
Atanasio Girardot Stadium
👍👍 Atanasio Giradot Stadium in Medellin, Colombia is a remarkable sporting venue that encapsulates the passion and energy of Colombian football. This iconic stadium offers an unforgettable experience for sports enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. With a seating capacity of over 40,000 spectators, t...
4.70 (37.7K reviews) (~9.64 km from centre)
Sandiego Mall image
Sandiego Mall
Shopping mall
A local shopping staple open since 1972, this indoor-outdoor plaza features diverse stores & cafes.
4.60 (37.7K reviews) (~7.5 km from centre)
Parque Explora image
Parque Explora
Science museum
Modern museum featuring a massive freshwater aquarium, interactive science exhibits & a planetarium.
4.70 (36.8K reviews) (~11.48 km from centre)
Florida Parque Comercial image
Florida Parque Comercial
Shopping mall
Indoor site with fashion & accessories, sporting goods, groceries, movies & an amusement area.
4.60 (36.5K reviews) (~11.24 km from centre)
Unicentro Shopping Mall image
Unicentro Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
Sizable enclosed mall with a cinema, gym & casino alongside many stores & restaurants.
4.50 (36.1K reviews) (~7.89 km from centre)
El Tesoro Parque Comercial image
El Tesoro Parque Comercial
Shopping mall
Set around a bright, leafy atrium, this modern mall features global brands & a movie theater.
4.80 (34.5K reviews) (~4.42 km from centre)
Plaza Botero - Medellín, Antioquia image
Plaza Botero - Medellín, Antioquia
Outdoor plaza showcasing 23 sculptures by artist Fernando Botero, plus landscaped grounds & benches.
4.30 (33.8K reviews) (~9.35 km from centre)
Puerta del Norte Shopping Mall image
Puerta del Norte Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
Indoor mall with familiar chain stores, a supermarket, a cinema, a food court & a kids' play area.
4.50 (33.5K reviews) (~19.4 km from centre)
Mayorca Mega Plaza image
Mayorca Mega Plaza
Outlet mall
Spacious, modern mall with dozens of retail stores & outlets, plus a movie theater & a food court.
4.60 (32.1K reviews) (~2.2 km from centre)
Comuna 13 image
Comuna 13
Tourist attraction
Public escalators & staircases covered in colorful street murals, lined with bars & souvenir shops.
4.70 (31.8K reviews) (~9.46 km from centre)
Parque de El Poblado image
Parque de El Poblado
Green square & central meeting spot with food vendors, artisan craft stalls & surrounding nightlife.
4.40 (31.5K reviews) (~4.83 km from centre)
Parque Berrío image
Parque Berrío
City park
Busy, historic city square with many trees, benches, vendors & a notable statue.
4.10 (31.3K reviews) (~9.14 km from centre)
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