Chorro de Las Campanas image
Chorro de Las Campanas
Nature preserve
👍👍 When we came during the week, we saw 2 other people the entire time. The place is absolutely beautiful and just one bus ride away from Envigado. Right off the Envigado metro station, on the side towards Viva mall, grab any bus that says "El Salado" and tell the bus driver to drop you off at "chorro...
4.90 (839 reviews)
Cine Colombia Viva Envigado image
Cine Colombia Viva Envigado
Movie theater
4.80 (10.2K reviews)
Alto de Las Palmas image
Alto de Las Palmas
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Cool
4.80 (1.5K reviews)
Parroquia La Niña María image
Parroquia La Niña María
4.80 (1.4K reviews)
Parroquia Santa Gertrudis image
Parroquia Santa Gertrudis
Catholic church
4.80 (1.3K reviews)
Shopping Mall Le Mont image
Shopping Mall Le Mont
Shopping mall
👍👍 Beautiful mall with nice restaurants and open spaces.
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Debora Arango Cultural Park image
Debora Arango Cultural Park
👍👍 Very cool place. It is always with people and there is a security guard or someone around , so it is pretty safe, inside and outside . I’ve been more inside, and there are working areas for the laptop and also to use a public computer from the library .
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Pizzeria Antica Italia image
Pizzeria Antica Italia
👍👍 Awesome slices (and only slices, be aware) made to order. Streetwise, not fancy - an eat and fall in love and go kind of spot. Read the menu and customize to your liking, but try the goat cheese slices for sure. Excellent quality crust, toppings are all generous and excellent, and the giant shakers...
4.80 (979 reviews)
Centro Comercial Viva Envigado image
Centro Comercial Viva Envigado
Shopping mall
👍👍 This mall is amazing. Pictures don't do justice. Clean, spacious, and well designed w/3 floors, lots of stores, several resting areas & children's play areas, co-working section, and extensive food court on 3rd level (fast food and sit down restaurants seperated - nice touch). There's also a huge...
4.70 (49.3K reviews)
La tRES uno · Parrilla image
La tRES uno · Parrilla
👍 Nice meal, nothing special. Chimichurri should have more flavor.
$$ $$
4.80 (778 reviews)
Parque Ecológico El Salado image
Parque Ecológico El Salado
Ecological park
Scenic destination for trails & activities, including a skateboard park, climbing wall & playground.
4.70 (8.8K reviews)
El Café de Otraparte image
El Café de Otraparte
👍👍 I absolutely loved the ambience of this place. Great place to catch up with friends. The juices, coffee and pasta was delicious.
$$ $$
4.70 (5.7K reviews)
Decathlon Viva Envigado image
Decathlon Viva Envigado
Sporting goods store
4.70 (4K reviews)
Casa Museo Otraparte image
Casa Museo Otraparte
Heritage museum
Modest museum dedicated to writer and philosopher Fernando González, with an on-site cafe.
4.70 (2.9K reviews)
Jack & Roll Envigado image
Jack & Roll Envigado
Bar & grill
👍👍 Very cool place...if you blink you can miss it....but it's really good....meat and hamburgers were great. Will recommend and I will be going back.
$$ $$
4.70 (2.6K reviews)
Angel Falls waterfall image
Angel Falls waterfall
Tourist attraction
Waterfall reached via a steep trail before dropping about 50 meters to a small pool & a bat cave.
4.80 (616 reviews)
BGR Hamburgers image
BGR Hamburgers
Hamburger restaurant
$$ $$
4.70 (1.8K reviews)
Polideportivo Sur de Envigado image
Polideportivo Sur de Envigado
Fitness center
4.70 (1.5K reviews)
Cuevas del Higuerón - Camino Ancestral - Camino Real La Ayurá image
Cuevas del Higuerón - Camino Ancestral - Camino Real La Ayurá
Nature preserve
👍👍 Super
4.80 (532 reviews)
Zacatecas Envigado image
Zacatecas Envigado
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 Chimichangas are original, and the sauces are excellent, recommended
$$ $$
4.70 (1.3K reviews)
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