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Parque del Café image
Parque del Café
Amusement park
Coffee theme park with eateries & attractions, including rides, shows & educational exhibits.
4.80 (63.6K reviews) (~9.24 km from centre)
Parque Arboleda Centro Comercial image
Parque Arboleda Centro Comercial
Shopping mall
Large shopping mall featuring brand-name retailers, a food court & a multiplex movie theater.
4.60 (18.8K reviews) (~22.29 km from centre)
Ukumari Park image
Ukumari Park
Ecotourism & wildlife park with native & African animals & plants on display, plus food vendors.
4.60 (17.8K reviews) (~20.58 km from centre)
Panaca image
Theme park
Guests can interact with many of the 4,500 animals at this agricultural theme park with live shows.
4.50 (16.9K reviews) (~6.55 km from centre)
Victoria Mall image
Victoria Mall
Shopping mall
Multi-level shopping mall with a range of stores, plus casual dining, a casino & kids' play areas.
4.50 (15.8K reviews) (~22.32 km from centre)
Centro Comercial El Progreso image
Centro Comercial El Progreso
Shopping mall
4.50 (13.5K reviews) (~25.9 km from centre)
Bolívar plaza, Pereira image
Bolívar plaza, Pereira
The sculpture 'El Bolívar Nude', by Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt is found in this major city square.
4.50 (12.7K reviews) (~22.6 km from centre)
Alkosto Pereira image
Alkosto Pereira
🫤 I no longer shop here unless that I absolutely have to. The embassy says not to carry around my passport and if I use my credit card Alkosto will not accept it without my passport. They refused to accept my Identification card. I consider this to be xenophobia.
4.50 (12K reviews) (~21.12 km from centre)
Unicentro image
Shopping mall
Basic multi-story mall offering fashion retailers, homeware, a food court & a movie theater.
4.50 (11.9K reviews) (~14.25 km from centre)
Homecenter | Pereira image
Homecenter | Pereira
Building materials store
4.50 (10.9K reviews) (~21.02 km from centre)
Plaza Victoria image
Plaza Victoria
👍 I love Plaza Victoria, you can buy everything here. It's located in the city oenter. A lot of restaurants
4.50 (10.7K reviews) (~22.37 km from centre)
Mirador de Salento image
Mirador de Salento
Observation deck
👍👍 At this viewpoint you have an amazing view over the nature around Salento. I also recommend walking around this area because there are fewer tourists here. There is a path between 'Mirador de Salento' and 'Mirador Alto de la Cruz' that is not shown on Google Maps. You should visit both viewpoints b...
4.70 (10.2K reviews) (~21.9 km from centre)
Portal del Quindío image
Portal del Quindío
Shopping mall
👍👍 Very nice mall. Can find almost everything.
4.60 (10.2K reviews) (~14.04 km from centre)
Parque Sucre image
Parque Sucre
😐 I'm sorry to say this but the park is not too safe, at daylight you can enjoy a raspao (ica covered with flavor and fruits) or a great coffee in the corner but you should be aware of your stuff, mos important your cell phone. Also, It's better if you avoid being around the park after 6 pm... is r...
4.30 (10.1K reviews) (~14.26 km from centre)
Olaya Herrera Park image
Olaya Herrera Park
👍👍 Excellent place to enjoy as a couple ,, with children or pets ,,, owns trees that give very good shade ,,, place very visited by students who under the shade of the leafy trees rest ,, feed, gather or simply They take a nap since in the day it is very safe, very good presence of the police that is...
4.50 (9.2K reviews) (~22 km from centre)
El Roble image
El Roble
Colombian restaurant
👍👍 One of the best places to eat Antioquena type food. Super Fast and excellent service. Love it!! Tamale has more of 2 pounds of delicious, arepa with butter.
$$ $$
4.50 (9.1K reviews) (~19.06 km from centre)
Vida Park image
Vida Park
Recreational park offering walking paths, a pond, ducks, a playground & festive holiday lights.
4.60 (9.1K reviews) (~14.18 km from centre)
Único Centro Comercial - Outlets image
Único Centro Comercial - Outlets
Outlet mall
👍👍 Great selection and prices on local brands
4.40 (9K reviews) (~24.77 km from centre)
Plaza de Bolívar image
Plaza de Bolívar
😐 Was there early morning and did not enjoy our visit. Smelled odd. Street vendors. Beggars wont let you eat because one after the other they ask for food or money.
4.40 (8.6K reviews) (~14.24 km from centre)
Filandia Quindío image
Filandia Quindío
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This is a top 10 turístic place on COMOMBIA, 100% recommended it, there is this restaurant call it JOSE FERNANDO that have amazing food and singers at night the town is so pretty, keeps the colonial architecture, at the entrance of Filandia has a Amazing view, entrance is really cheap. I will recomm...
$$ $$
4.80 (8.2K reviews) (~13.04 km from centre)
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