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Decameron Las Heliconias image
Decameron Las Heliconias
Simple rooms in a lively all-inclusive hotel offering dining, bars & a disco, plus pools & tennis.
4.70 (2.9K reviews)
Sexto Sentido Cocina de Autor image
Sexto Sentido Cocina de Autor
👍👍 Talk about a Gem, I'm a New Yorker and the food in this place teletransport me to the big city. What a great ceviche, octopus and beefs. The owner is extremely friendly. The perfection of the dishes is breathtaking. This is a never miss even though the owner always jokes "doctor die too sometimes so...
4.80 (466 reviews)
Tukawa Hostel image
Tukawa Hostel
👍👍 Tukawa is a stunning hostel in the mid of a coffee and plantain farm, the perfect place to spend some relaxing and quality time in nature. It is clean, well maintained, food is super tasty, creative and qualitative. They offer interesting activities to discover the region, participate to the local e...
4.90 (257 reviews)
Plaza de Bolivar Quimbaya image
Plaza de Bolivar Quimbaya
State park
👍👍 Great for family and friends reunion
4.60 (5.5K reviews)
Decameron Panaca image
Decameron Panaca
😠 Had a nice time at the park. Unfortunately had to leave the hotel earlier then expected and this hotel never returned the money I paid for the extra days that were remaining. I’ve been to many hotels and this is the first time I get I can’t get a refund for time I will not be in the facility. Never...
4.60 (3.1K reviews)
Fincas Panaca image
Fincas Panaca
Casual hotel featuring an outdoor pool & a hot tub, plus BBQ facilities & a garden.
4.70 (580 reviews)
Farm Mama Lulu image
Farm Mama Lulu
Organic farm
👍 Mama Lulu created this site many years ago, surely a precursor in terms of respect for nature with an openness to ecology. I had the privilege of a very well prepared guide, a young woman named Isabel. Who knows how to explain all the fundamentals of the concept that is applied in the whole. We too...
4.70 (497 reviews)
Panaca image
Theme park
Guests can interact with many of the 4,500 animals at this agricultural theme park with live shows.
4.50 (16.9K reviews)
Parque Simon Bolivar image
Parque Simon Bolivar
👍 The square it's noting special, but the church it's really interesting, as an architect I found it attractive and different.
4.50 (2.1K reviews)
Finca Hotel Casa Nostra image
Finca Hotel Casa Nostra
4.60 (445 reviews)
Aprisco La Española image
Aprisco La Española
4.80 (172 reviews)
Parque Los Arrieros image
Parque Los Arrieros
Amusement park
Amusement park featuring a coffee plantation, animals, gardens & cultural activities.
4.40 (2.7K reviews)
El Palacio del Pandebono image
El Palacio del Pandebono
4.60 (267 reviews)
Café de Altura image
Café de Altura
Coffee store
👍👍 Looooovely place please ask for the tour to their coffee plantation. They have an inspiring story and a wonderful Colombian coffee plantation.
4.50 (407 reviews)
La Quinta De Torrione image
La Quinta De Torrione
🫤 On January 5th to 7th 2022 I was there with 3 friends. Very nice place. Room and bathroom are basic but clean. Staff is nice and ready to help. They do a great job. The rooms that were given to us appear on the website' s pictures BUT the rooms are not located in the nice house. They are located i...
4.60 (251 reviews)
Fincas Panaca Herreria 10 image
Fincas Panaca Herreria 10
5.00 (97 reviews)
MC Niko Burgers & Wings image
MC Niko Burgers & Wings
👍👍 Todo es delicioso! La atención es buena, los productos siempre están disponibles. Recomendadas las costillas bbq, hamburguesa master burguer evocación (es la más deliciosa). Muy cerca al parque central de Quimbaya. Hay mucho ruido Proque al frente y a los lados hay discotecas y bares pero en general...
4.50 (362 reviews)
Finca Hotel Loma Verde image
Finca Hotel Loma Verde
😠 Nos cancelaron la reserva cuando ya estabamos en camino por un daño de 2 dias de anterioridad a la fecha, y habíamos reservado el hospedaje con mas de 1 mes de anticipación. Solo me enviaron 4 contactos de hospedajes cercanos y que me defendería como pudiese.
4.50 (352 reviews)
La Casa Del Café image
La Casa Del Café
👍👍 Good coffe
4.60 (212 reviews)
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