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Discover the best places in Holguin, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 24 places in the city.

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Islazul Pernik image
Islazul Pernik
Simple pick offering a restaurant & a bar, as well as an outdoor pool with sunloungers.
4.50 (614 reviews)
Calixto García Park image
Calixto García Park
👍👍 There is always something going on here...families spend their time here with their children
4.50 (421 reviews)
1910 Restaurante & Bar image
1910 Restaurante & Bar
👍👍 Taste and presentation of food is very good. Service of staff is excellent. Knowledgeable, prompt and informative service. They accept both US and Canadian dollars. Will be back! Cheers!
4.70 (181 reviews)
Las Flores Park image
Las Flores Park
City park
👍👍 It is the park oh my Childhood, so is always beautiful to me.
4.50 (146 reviews)
San José Park image
San José Park
4.50 (127 reviews)
La Loma De La Cruz image
La Loma De La Cruz
Scenic spot
👍👍 Breath taking views and gorgeous sunset. A must-do in Holguín.
4.60 (90 reviews)
Loma de la Cruz image
Loma de la Cruz
Mountain peak
👍👍 Se dice que el que visita Holguín y no sube la Loma de la Cruz, realmente no conoce la Ciudad. El mejor momento para subir es en el atardecer, verá un bello anochecer y como la ciudad se enciende poco a poco mostrando toda su magnitud y explendor, mientras se toma una rica Cerveza Cristal.
4.80 (58 reviews)
Bar Loma de la Cruz image
Bar Loma de la Cruz
👍 Cute place and very cozy place of excellence for visitors is the ideal viewpoint for the city with Creole food and drink
4.60 (70 reviews)
The Passion image
The Passion
😐 Hola y buen día para todos. Como hago en todas mis críticas, empezare por lo que más me gusto de este lugar, un bella noche de cumpleaños, junto a mi familia, en un lugar con buen gusto para los detalles de la decoración, animación a base de violines, al aire libre y con local climatizado, con exce...
4.60 (60 reviews)
Delicias Cubanas image
Delicias Cubanas
😐 The food was good, but service was super slow and they attempted to scam us. We the food price itself was correct, but when you add items up they charged 40 pesos more. When we challenged it, the 1280 became 1250 suddenly. Also there's 2 menus, one for tourists and another for Cubans. Tourist men...
4.20 (133 reviews)
Islazul Mirador de Mayabe image
Islazul Mirador de Mayabe
😠 Arrived late at night with 3 bags most of which was brought for Cuban families. The staff stood around and watched me snuggle in the dark trying to find my room in the dark no help was offered (I have had four joint replacements). They have wifi but no wifi cards. They had no beer for two days. I...
4.20 (95 reviews)
Parque Infantil image
Parque Infantil
👍👍 Holguín is the city of parks, and among so many beautiful parks that this beautiful city has, a space for children could not be missing. The playground is a space for healthy recreation, play and interaction between children, and carrying out outdoor activities. In these times, when the virtual univ...
4.20 (87 reviews)
Restaurant Don Santiago "El Escapao" image
Restaurant Don Santiago "El Escapao"
👍👍 Awesome restaurant & bar , delicious firewood food , cold beers , great atmosphere, excellent service has clean bathrooms and the best food you'll ever have !!!!
4.80 (33 reviews)
Hostal Refugio de Reyes image
Hostal Refugio de Reyes
👍👍 A little paradise in the middle of the town. Absolutely comfortable rooms, very clean and air-conditioned. Easy access to a enjoyable garden with an overwhelming amount of lovely decorated plants and a nice pool in the center. Although the garden is small there are many little niches where you can s...
4.70 (35 reviews)
San José Restaurante - Bar - Parrillada image
San José Restaurante - Bar - Parrillada
👍👍 Best restaurant in the city!!! Highly recommend it!!! Great service, food and ambiance...also excellent wifi signal 😉
4.60 (38 reviews)
Hotel Saratoga image
Hotel Saratoga
👍👍 Fui una tarde a compartir con mi familia unas cerbecitas con picadera en el patio del hotel. La atencion muy buena y lo que consumimos también. Lo que vi del hotel esta muy lindo y es un lugar agradable.
4.40 (42 reviews)
Motel El Bosque image
Motel El Bosque
Laid-back lodging offering an outdoor pool & a straightforward restaurant, plus free breakfast.
4.00 (75 reviews)
Centro Cultural Bariay image
Centro Cultural Bariay
Disco club
👍👍 Fiesta!!!!! Una pasada en noches de espectáculo. Al aire libre, buenos musicos. Si vas a oriente de Cuba, y pasas por Holguin, vale la pena mirar la cartelera!.
4.50 (33 reviews)
Benjuly Bar image
Benjuly Bar
👍 The day I went the order took a long time but the food was excellent as was the service.
4.20 (42 reviews)
Ranchón Los Almendros image
Ranchón Los Almendros
👍👍 Hermoso lugar con muy buena atención por parte de los trabajadores. Quedamos completamente complacidos.
4.20 (41 reviews)
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