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Pullman Lubumbashi Grand Karavia image
Pullman Lubumbashi Grand Karavia
😠 Building grubby, needs a coat of paint. Room's very average, Restaurant definitely not 5*, network poor, TV reception poor. Attention to detail lacking. Complacency is very obvious.
4.70 (1.9K reviews) (~1.64 km from centre)
Kahawa Congo Coffee image
Kahawa Congo Coffee
Coffee store
👍👍 Cute coffee shop 🥰 Tegra and Ralph were great ! I totally recommend!
4.80 (592 reviews) (~2.84 km from centre)
Kahawa Congo Coffee - Alilac image
Kahawa Congo Coffee - Alilac
👍👍 Good Job ! From the reception to the checkout, a Nice welcome from miss Tegra and Naomi. Well served by miss Davina and sir Orphee !! Each time i visit, these people fill me with joy . Thank you for existing dear KAHAWA 🥰✌ And i give thanks to Miss Martine and Sir Placid cauz they always take into...
5.00 (544 reviews) (~1.03 km from centre)
Hotel Lubumbashi image
Hotel Lubumbashi
👍👍 I had an excellent relaxing time after a busy, dirty, hot time at a project in a remote location. The hotel decor is nice, with some renovations in progress. The ambience is pleasant. The staff are excellent and deserve praise; Rudi (bar and waiter), Maya (hostess) and Carla (front desk) are outstan...
3.90 (269 reviews) (~2.52 km from centre)
Auto Lubumbashi image
Auto Lubumbashi
Auto parts store
4.90 (233 reviews) (~1.92 km from centre)
Carrefour Hyper Psaro image
Carrefour Hyper Psaro
👍👍 Had a great experience at the new RocoMamas restaurant. Great service. Good quality fresh food at a reasonable price.
4.20 (222 reviews) (~3.68 km from centre)
Jambo Mart image
Jambo Mart
👍👍 Very nice place to shop everything at one place
4.10 (216 reviews) (~2.19 km from centre)
Hotel Planet Hollybum image
Hotel Planet Hollybum
Warm rooms in a casual property offering a restaurant, a pool & a disco, plus free breakfast.
4.00 (167 reviews) (~2.92 km from centre)
Stade TP Mazembe image
Stade TP Mazembe
👍👍 This stadium is the most important and popular in lubumbashi. It has mostly been used for football matches and is the home venue of TP Mazembe and CS Don Bosco.
4.00 (163 reviews) (~3.19 km from centre)
Complexe La Plage image
Complexe La Plage
Shopping mall
👍 Beautiful place and pleasant atmosphere
4.20 (148 reviews) (~1.22 km from centre)
Private golf course
👍👍 This is a very flat course well suited for walking golfers.
4.10 (126 reviews) (~1.85 km from centre)
LattéLounge image
👍👍 I love the place
4.20 (122 reviews) (~3.06 km from centre)
Kahawa Congo Coffee - Auto Lubumbashi image
Kahawa Congo Coffee - Auto Lubumbashi
Coffee shop
👍👍 A very good place to spend time, The food and drinks are affordable and very delicious! The team also also very kind Thank you ☺️
5.00 (119 reviews) (~1.93 km from centre)
Hôtel La Source Lubumbashi image
Hôtel La Source Lubumbashi
😐 Good customer care. Decent food. Refurbishment of rooms overdue. Poor TV channel selection.
3.70 (118 reviews) (~2.99 km from centre)
Lubumbashi Zoo image
Lubumbashi Zoo
👍👍 Very nice. Animals are alive. They're moveing sometimes. Sometimes lions break out and eat only kids.
3.90 (108 reviews) (~1.46 km from centre)
Zoological Garden image
Zoological Garden
👍👍 The Hasna farm is a really touristy place ... the last time I was there, I liked to sit near the ponds, fish, ... and I also liked their cooking with natural condiments and fresh. Especially the Okra I had loved serious!
4.00 (84 reviews) (~1.38 km from centre)
Cercle Grecque image
Cercle Grecque
👍 Great place for families with kids! There is a play area for kids that will keep them occupied for hours. This place does get crowded on the weekend and there is a lot of kids at does time. But overall a good atmosphere.
4.10 (83 reviews) (~3.12 km from centre)
Bougainvilla Guesthouse image
Bougainvilla Guesthouse
👍👍 I can recommend it, very nice ambience and the rooms are great. The food is also fantastic. The staff takes very good care of you. We will come again, for sure. Thank you! :)
4.00 (83 reviews) (~0.75 km from centre)
National Museum of Lubumbashi image
National Museum of Lubumbashi
👍 Museum open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To go there on Saturday, you must make an appointment in advance. The museum is very interesting. The price is $10 per expatriate adult and $5 for children. The price is lower for the Congolese
3.80 (75 reviews) (~2.23 km from centre)
Chez Sunil image
Chez Sunil
Indian restaurant
👍👍 Awesome taste and quality of food. Enjoyed a lot with quality of drinks..less spicy less oily with hygeine factor
4.90 (73 reviews) (~3.54 km from centre)
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