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Experience the best that Djibouti has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 104 places in the country.

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Signatures Restaurant Djibouti image
Signatures Restaurant Djibouti
Indian restaurant
👍 I can say now I found best Indian restaurant in Djibouti , I was always request from delivery kiky drop from this restaurant but tonight I visited and it was good try good food , nice reception and serving. I recommend Checking tika masala with white rice and brown bread .
4.90 (169 reviews)
Gadileh Resort Hotel Tadjourah image
Gadileh Resort Hotel Tadjourah
👍👍 This resort is beautiful with great welcoming staff always ready to help, very children friendly, the buffet always had something each of us liked. They’re so many activities for children (soft area playroom, a pool, indoor cinema ect….) and even a segregated private swimming area for women and a s...
4.80 (160 reviews)
Restaurant du Royaume de Saba - Kingdom of Sheba Restaurant image
Restaurant du Royaume de Saba - Kingdom of Sheba Restaurant
👍👍 The best restaurant I have had in my life. The food , service,everything. 👍🙏😘
4.80 (57 reviews)
Djibouti Palace Kempinski image
Djibouti Palace Kempinski
Luxe property featuring ocean views, multiple eateries & 2 infinity pools, plus a spa & a gym.
4.70 (2.4K reviews)
👍👍 Had a very comfortable stay. The hotel is right in the centre of Djibouti and you can walk around the hotel to get a glimpse of a daily Djiboutian's life. As a single female traveller i felt safe. The hotel staff are all very friendly and will make your stay comfortable. The breakfast is good too. S...
4.70 (157 reviews)
Lac 'Assal image
Lac 'Assal
A huge, highly saline crater lake at over 500-ft below sea level, in an inhospitable landscape.
4.60 (188 reviews)
Embassy of the United States image
Embassy of the United States
👍👍 As a legal assistant, I deal with a lot of consulates. Djibouti is by far the best. They are extremely well organized, respond to emails in a timely manner with the information needed and are extremely fast. Thank you for the great work you do!
4.50 (169 reviews)
Café de la Gare image
Café de la Gare
French restaurant
👍👍 A wonderful french bistro In the beautiful country Of Djibouti A place that you can have a great meal, Fresh and French :) Good quality food We tried mussles and we loved it. Many thanks to the Chef He is a great cook And To the wonderful stuff That made us feel very comfortable. It was a nice dinne...
4.50 (131 reviews)
Green Beans Coffee image
Green Beans Coffee
👍👍 It’s a Green Bean. It is both mundane and glorious at the same time. The War on Terror was won by Green Bean, according to Janss. Supposedly, Starbucks had domestic Green Beans banned as a secret part of the Patriot Act in the early 2000s which is the only reason Green Bean has not conquered the fr...
$ $$$
4.50 (65 reviews)
NEX image
General store
👍👍 This is a portal to another world. A world where you are almost a normal person, shopping for normal things, in some normal town back home. This is an Exchange with training wheels...a tantalizing way to whet your palate for the overwhelming, wallet-emptying decadence of the Ramstein BX. Wander the...
4.50 (59 reviews)
Jules Verne image
Jules Verne
👍👍 Very classic type of restaurants you can find in the street of Djibouti and the food you can enjoy here is genuinely good! Ordered Brazilian beef tenderloin and crams both are amazing and I loved the personality of the owner as well. Precious place in Djibouti City!
4.50 (47 reviews)
Beverage distributor
🫤 Nice place if you need to buy cigarettes or booze. International products. No cheap at all.
4.50 (46 reviews)
Lac Assal Restaurant image
Lac Assal Restaurant
👍👍 Delicious food , great atmosphere , friendly staff
4.50 (39 reviews)
👍👍 Excellent in each sense!!! Am Italian and live in Ethiopia, passed 3 nite in Djibouti and the first day am arrived I had problem to withdraw money with my European Master Card, problem that I have not fixed!!! The stuff of the reception and the guardian too have taken care of me as family, they have...
4.50 (37 reviews)
bawadi mall image
bawadi mall
Shopping mall
😐 Best place in Djibouti to spend time and shopping
4.50 (37 reviews)
Point Burger - Ambouli image
Point Burger - Ambouli
👍👍 Best Fast food in Djibouti, the people there are so kind and professional. A must visit place .
4.50 (31 reviews)
Sables blancs image
Sables blancs
Beach pavillion
👍👍 Given that this is not a restaurant, but a resort that offers the opportunity to stay in a unique location. Sables blancs is located in the Gulf of Djibouti. To reach this destination it is necessary to cover a stretch of track that is not accessible, but once you arrive you will find a vast white...
$$ $$
4.40 (87 reviews)
Janateyn Yemeni restaurant image
Janateyn Yemeni restaurant
Yemeni restaurant
👍👍 This is a Fish restaurant. The experience alone is fantastic. I was able to witness the whole process of how it's done. You select the fish you want. It doesn't matter what size or what kind.. they were all great. The barracuda tasted delicious. Then you get to watch the guy clean your fish before h...
4.40 (85 reviews)
Gulf of Tadjoura image
Gulf of Tadjoura
👍 Amazing beauty - getting here was a bit of a problem but worth it
4.40 (75 reviews)
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