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Explore the city's most talked-about destinations, sorted by the number of reviews. The higher the position on the list, the greater the number of reviews for each place. Discover the pulse of Suez through these extensively reviewed and popular spots. This list contains 23 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Ismailia Corniche no. 6 image
Ismailia Corniche no. 6
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Corniche NO. 6 is one of the best places in Ismailia to walk amidst the green spaces, relax in front of the Canal and enjoy the calm under the moonlight ❤
4.50 (931 reviews) (~72.2 km from centre)
Port Tawfiq image
Port Tawfiq
Busy port area with waterside parks for views of sunsets & ships entering the Suez Canal.
4.10 (624 reviews) (~4.55 km from centre)
Ismailia Monuments Museum image
Ismailia Monuments Museum
👍👍 Wonderful museum that has many monuments from different ages especially ancient Egyptian.
4.10 (606 reviews) (~72.94 km from centre)
Tanks Museum Abu Atwa image
Tanks Museum Abu Atwa
3.90 (586 reviews) (~70.42 km from centre)
Amigo 2 Golden Beach Resort image
Amigo 2 Golden Beach Resort
Tourist attraction
3.90 (540 reviews) (~25.67 km from centre)
Suez National Museum image
Suez National Museum
👍 The Suez Museum is a newly created museum in the Suez Governorate. It is located on the first road of the lesson basin in the area of ​​Port Tawfiq in a quiet and beautiful place. The canal is a water channel with Roman vessels. It has a section about the Suez Canal and some horse-drawn vehicles be...
4.20 (498 reviews) (~3.6 km from centre)
Amigo 2 Beach image
Amigo 2 Beach
Tourist attraction
😠 One star is too much for this resort كمين هتندم
4.00 (388 reviews) (~25.85 km from centre)
مزار عيون موسي image
مزار عيون موسي
War museum
👍👍 I have visited this place a couple of years ago and it tells a great story! israel built this site while occupying Sinai in order to hit civilians and Egyptian targets on the other side of Sinai. It was terrorizing and killing civilians! The heavy machines reached deep inside the Egyptian lands and...
4.50 (266 reviews) (~13.09 km from centre)
Kitesurfing Village Ras Sudr image
Kitesurfing Village Ras Sudr
Tourist attraction
😐 It is suitable for relaxing, the food is basic, not tasty and the beef meat is horrible, I recommend to eat chicken, a bit better, the "sea" can be seen from the room, but the actaul one that u will swim in is sort of like a lake, a small canal from the sea, the room is clean with a very small gridg...
4.30 (214 reviews) (~61.71 km from centre)
Yara Queen Resort image
Yara Queen Resort
Resort hotel
👍👍 A very wonderful place , perfect hospitality, And very friendly management , felt like im home They also have a specialised area for scouts , with beautiful huts if you enjoy camping Right in front of the sea , you would spend the night under the stars and wake up right on a sea view , and most abo...
3.70 (209 reviews) (~49.34 km from centre)
Play Time Park image
Play Time Park
Amusement park
👍👍 Hi in up to n no ossxx FF d w see as far hi hg JJ get to d hi JJ form r we to do g hi go oi
4.00 (174 reviews) (~92.62 km from centre)
آبار عيون موسي The springs of Moses image
آبار عيون موسي The springs of Moses
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Wonderful place to see and feel the spiritual feeling there. Where Prophet moses was present and hit the ground then these springs start to flow with drinking water very close to sea. That was really a miracle for Prophet moses. After escaping from Pharoah and his troops
4.30 (172 reviews) (~16.49 km from centre)
El Ferdan Railway Bridge image
El Ferdan Railway Bridge
😠 A place where Palestinians travelling across are humiliated. I really hope that the Egyptian authorities look into this and put an end to it. Nobody should be treated like animals, nobody.
4.10 (171 reviews) (~78.47 km from centre)
The People's Square image
The People's Square
Tourist attraction
👍👍 “People’s Square” in the New Capital...the first popular celebration square in Egypt, perhaps since the era of the ancient Egyptians It is being implemented in the ancient Egyptian style, as its main buildings were designed in the form of the wings of the mother of the ancient Egyptian civilization,...
4.70 (125 reviews) (~75.46 km from centre)
Triumphal arch image
Triumphal arch
Historical landmark
👍👍 🇪🇬❤️
4.60 (112 reviews) (~75.5 km from centre)
مزارع شجيع للسياحة البيئية image
مزارع شجيع للسياحة البيئية
Tourist attraction
😠 انا سبق و زرت المزرعة وكان المبلغ الشخص الافطار 250 جنية وحبيت اكرر الزيارة مع اولادي لكن استغربت موضوع الاسعار المصري 200 جنية السياحة العربية 600 جنية للاسف موضوع غريب لن افكر بزيارة مرة اخرى
4.40 (81 reviews) (~64.32 km from centre)
قرىة تافيرا رأس سدر مصر image
قرىة تافيرا رأس سدر مصر
Tourist attraction
😐 قريه تافيرا رائعه ولكن ، الخدمات ضعيفه، الشاطيء في مد وجزر، في صخور في بدايه الشاطيء، لايسمح بدخول الميكروباص اذا وصلت انت والعائلة في الميكروباص ممنوع الدخول، خدمه العملاء سيئيين للغايه واسلوبهم سئ. لايتوافر مطاعم كفاية مطعم واحد فقط ،سوبر ماركت واحد فقط اسعارة مقبوله، الكافتريا اسعارها مقبوله، بع...
3.90 (70 reviews) (~45.83 km from centre)
زهرة البحيرات image
زهرة البحيرات
Tourist attraction
4.20 (68 reviews) (~30.42 km from centre)
شاطئ لا سيرينا image
شاطئ لا سيرينا
Tourist attraction
👍👍 👌👍
3.90 (56 reviews) (~28.32 km from centre)
New Administrative Capital Gate image
New Administrative Capital Gate
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Really beautiful The land of the Canaan, Egypt
4.40 (55 reviews) (~90.49 km from centre)
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