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مزار عيون موسي image
مزار عيون موسي
War museum
👍👍 I have visited this place a couple of years ago and it tells a great story! israel built this site while occupying Sinai in order to hit civilians and Egyptian targets on the other side of Sinai. It was terrorizing and killing civilians! The heavy machines reached deep inside the Egyptian lands and...
4.50 (266 reviews)
Suez National Museum image
Suez National Museum
👍 The Suez Museum is a newly created museum in the Suez Governorate. It is located on the first road of the lesson basin in the area of ​​Port Tawfiq in a quiet and beautiful place. The canal is a water channel with Roman vessels. It has a section about the Suez Canal and some horse-drawn vehicles be...
4.20 (498 reviews)
Port Tawfiq image
Port Tawfiq
Busy port area with waterside parks for views of sunsets & ships entering the Suez Canal.
4.10 (624 reviews)
آبار عيون موسي The springs of Moses image
آبار عيون موسي The springs of Moses
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Wonderful place to see and feel the spiritual feeling there. Where Prophet moses was present and hit the ground then these springs start to flow with drinking water very close to sea. That was really a miracle for Prophet moses. After escaping from Pharoah and his troops
4.30 (172 reviews)
النقطة الحصينة بعيون موسى image
النقطة الحصينة بعيون موسى
Tourist attraction
4.60 (45 reviews)
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