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National Museum of Ethiopia image
National Museum of Ethiopia
Ancient relics, contemporary paintings & the famous fossilized bones of the early hominid Lucy.
4.40 (2K reviews) (~1.06 km from centre)
Unity Park image
Unity Park
City park
👍👍 Such a beautiful park full of wonder and nature! Great place for selfies and pictures and exercise. Lots of hills and elevation help this place feel memorable and set apart from other parks. We enjoyed the Lion area, the Museum as well as all the gems along the way. Must visit when in Addis Ababa.
4.60 (1.1K reviews) (~1.9 km from centre)
Friendship Park image
Friendship Park
City park
👍 I and my uncle in law was at Friendship Park and we had a good time. The park is simply Beautiful ! and I am Happy to share the below pictures.
4.70 (552 reviews) (~1.69 km from centre)
Medhanealem Cathedral image
Medhanealem Cathedral
Orthodox church
👍👍 It’s beautiful inside and out side, also considered as the largest church in Ethiopia.
4.60 (385 reviews) (~6.01 km from centre)
Holy Trinity Cathedral image
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Orthodox church
This historic 1930s cathedral & royal burial site has a copper dome, murals & many ornate features.
4.40 (347 reviews) (~1.64 km from centre)
Shola Market | Megenagna image
Shola Market | Megenagna
👍 A local market that supplies vegetables, cereals, house hold goods & appliances, school uniform's, baggage & luggage goods, blankets, cloths both traditional and modern, handcrafts, industrial goods, utensils, plastic materials, barrels, bottles and kitchin wares. A good variety of gift items are in...
4.20 (305 reviews) (~4.86 km from centre)
Grand Anwar Mosque image
Grand Anwar Mosque
👍👍 So nice, is the biggest mosque among the Mosques found around Merkato, even from Most mosques in Addis Ababa. It has wide enough parking area. It has two areas builded. The first the main mosque which has. An attached feamale's praying hall and the second a G+2 building. There are few trees in the c...
4.40 (263 reviews) (~1.28 km from centre)
Ethnological Museum image
Ethnological Museum
Heritage museum
Artifacts, crafts & religious icons tracing Ethiopian culture, on show in an emperor’s palace.
4.30 (246 reviews) (~1.35 km from centre)
Entoto St. Maryam Church image
Entoto St. Maryam Church
Orthodox church
👍👍 Entoto Mariam is one of the oldest churxh in Addis. Entoto Mariam church is even older than Addis Ababa itself. The church was first established by Emperor Menelik and Empress Taitu in in 1877. The church compound includes the former palace of Emperor Menelik and a museum rich in historical artifac...
4.60 (228 reviews) (~6.1 km from centre)
Bora Amusement Park | Bole image
Bora Amusement Park | Bole
Amusement park
Small city amusement park, offering a carousel & a ferris wheel.
4.00 (203 reviews) (~6.92 km from centre)
Amora Gedel Park image
Amora Gedel Park
National park
👍 Very good place to vist,see monkeys&baboons,d/t kinds of birds,relax via boats on the lake, and to enjoy and refresh ones time time inside the park ! See fishers,Eat fish ,..... Green ! Coduct marriage,and other ceremonies !! .....
4.00 (187 reviews) (~223.82 km from centre)
Debre Libanos image
Debre Libanos
Founded in the 13th century by Tekle Haymanot, this monastery now features a church built in 1961.
4.50 (187 reviews) (~75.9 km from centre)
Entoto Park image
Entoto Park
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Entoto is the highest place in Addis. It contributes most for the humidity of the city. The fresh air is no where to be found across the city. If you are a hiking or a person who likes adventures in a fresh and controlled environment, it is a place for you. Has plenty of cafes and restaurants in it....
4.60 (165 reviews) (~5.73 km from centre)
Gulele Botanical Garden image
Gulele Botanical Garden
Botanical garden
👍👍 I was today years old to explore this incredible forest & magnificent view. Everyone who lives in Addis Ababa or near the area, should definitely consider going to here. It's so therapeutical & mind blowing, if you take a hike & you'll surprised by the nature!!! Definitely going back again next wee...
4.40 (162 reviews) (~5.87 km from centre)
Red Terror Martyrs' Memorial Museum የቀይ ሽብር መታሰቢያ ሙዚየም image
Red Terror Martyrs' Memorial Museum የቀይ ሽብር መታሰቢያ ሙዚየም
History museum dedicated to victims of the 1977 & 1978 'Red Terror' period in Ethiopia.
4.10 (147 reviews) (~3.1 km from centre)
Lion Park image
Lion Park
😠 Horrible. I was under the impression that this is a bird park. Instead it's a collection of small, bare cages and depressed and sick animals. This is no way to keep animals. Absolutely disgusting.
3.60 (121 reviews) (~1.31 km from centre)
Emperor Tewodros II Square image
Emperor Tewodros II Square
Historical landmark
👍👍 A well cultivated area at the center of Addis holding the Canon made by Emperor Tewodros.
4.60 (118 reviews) (~0.98 km from centre)
Awash National Park image
Awash National Park
Established in 1966, this 756-sq.-km. park features acacia woods, grassland & native wildlife.
4.10 (101 reviews) (~137.1 km from centre)
Addis Ababa Museum | Meskel Square | አዲስ አበባ ሙዚየም | መስቀል አደባባይ image
Addis Ababa Museum | Meskel Square | አዲስ አበባ ሙዚየም | መስቀል አደባባይ
👍👍 Fully enjoyed visiting great place for friends and family. Not too busy.
4.40 (93 reviews) (~3.15 km from centre)
Keba Guesthouse Addis Ababa image
Keba Guesthouse Addis Ababa
Colourful rooms & apartments in a straightforward hotel featuring a dining area.
4.10 (85 reviews) (~4.37 km from centre)
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