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Black Sails - A Pirate Tavern By Chef LeChat image
Black Sails - A Pirate Tavern By Chef LeChat
👍👍 Pay a visit and talk to the guys! Their burger is top tier, one of the best burger restaurants in France, and the best gourmet burgers in Côte d'Azur! I have been eating at their place since when they only had a food truck! Talk to them, let them show you the details they've put into the restaurant!
5.00 (575 reviews)
Vapostore Cannes - Cigarette électronique image
Vapostore Cannes - Cigarette électronique
Vaporizer store
👍👍 New vape shop in the Cannes and I think one of the best! What the great service, lots of liquids, free coffee and Croissant. Really nice interior so you feel really comfortable. Also Prices really nice... They have a nice line of the liquids called Mixology, I highly recommend to try it as well!
4.90 (441 reviews)
O'braisé Cannes - poulet image
O'braisé Cannes - poulet
Halal restaurant
👍👍 The salad was perfect.
4.70 (1.6K reviews)
La Gelateria image
La Gelateria
Ice cream shop
👍👍 Cannes, the perfect holiday destination for yummy gluten-free food! The ice creams here are delicious, the best, and most of them gluten-free! I had been dying for ice cream for so long! You have to taste them. Thank you so much for the pleasure of having yummy ice cream!
4.90 (326 reviews)
Dreams Donuts Cannes image
Dreams Donuts Cannes
Donut shop
👍👍 Franchement les plus bons donuts que j'ai jamais goûté. Un très large choix très gourmand et très beau, c'est difficile de choisir ! Les prix aussi sont très raisonnables par rapport à d'autres magasins de donuts à quelques centaines de mètres... Une qualité au rendez-vous, le monsieur qui m'a servi...
4.90 (313 reviews)
Abbaye de Lérins image
Abbaye de Lérins
Circa 11th-century monastery on an island that has been home to monks since the 5th century.
4.70 (1.1K reviews)
Hôtel de Provence image
Hôtel de Provence
Modern quarters with free WiFi, plus complimentary breakfast, a bar & a gift shop.
4.90 (292 reviews)
Nivà Gelateria Italiana image
Nivà Gelateria Italiana
Ice cream shop
👍👍 The staff here is just amazing and they speak English. My mouth was dripping with water with such delicious artisinal ice-cream here. As a person who eats less icecream, I'd say this hits the spot. To try: Pistache and Gianduia. Try mango sorbet. Ask DANIEL to surprise you. He knows the best.
$$ $$
4.70 (1K reviews)
Madame Hien image
Madame Hien
Vietnamese restaurant
4.90 (291 reviews)
Elixirs et Sorcellerie image
Elixirs et Sorcellerie
Brunch restaurant
Whimsical wizard-themed tea room & shop serving brunch, cakes & creative shakes.
$$ $$
4.90 (253 reviews)
Le Hive Bar Restaurant image
Le Hive Bar Restaurant
👍👍 Amazingly, this place has managed to mix video games with a cool vibe. I thank the owners for making a place where nerds like myself can be around attractive women. 6 stars. Food was excellent. Also, I got laid.
$$ $$
4.80 (371 reviews)
NEW CANNES « Sneakers Shop » image
NEW CANNES « Sneakers Shop »
Shoe store
👍👍 Stopped by on my trip from Canada and I’m glad I did. Great customer service provided. Usually in France people don’t like to speak English but the employees here were very nice, respectful, welcoming & went above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Highly recommend visiting this shop in Cannes!
4.90 (244 reviews)
Chaï Dee - Restaurant Thaï image
Chaï Dee - Restaurant Thaï
Thai restaurant
Informal restaurant serving traditional Thai fare, including pad thai, spring roll & curry options.
$$ $$
4.70 (630 reviews)
Parthenopi image
👍👍 ABOVE AND BEYOND DELICIOUS. Family business, the owner comes out at times to ask if you’re enjoying your meal and speaks to you in Greek (if you’re being nice). She really cares, and that’s so rare…we fell in love with the exceptional service. All staff are very kind and also Greek - which contribu...
4.70 (592 reviews)
African restaurant
👍👍 Banging food. Relaxed cafe vibes.
4.90 (231 reviews)
C pas D Lol image
C pas D Lol
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 super!!
4.70 (552 reviews)
Cheer Mamma image
Cheer Mamma
Italian restaurant
😐 Great Italian meal in the heart of Cannes. No complaints on the food. Our particular waiter was great! However… I will say our meal was interrupted by the one waitress pulling a pillow out from underneath an Asian woman. It was blatant disrespect. She did not ask for it, or say excuse me, it was ru...
$$ $$
4.70 (540 reviews)
NACHOS image
Mexican restaurant
👍👍 This is the first place where I’m eating some food in Cannes. I’m very happy of my choice, the food is great, the staff is super kind and they also have vegan options. The staff speak English. Finally: I hate when in restaurants they give you spicy 🌶️ food that is not spicy at all, here if you as...
$ $$$
4.70 (505 reviews)
Église Notre-Dame d'Espérance image
Église Notre-Dame d'Espérance
Catholic church
Hilltop Gothic-style stone church completed in the 1600s, featuring a musical crèche & city views.
4.60 (1.4K reviews)
Kath Bubble Tea image
Kath Bubble Tea
Bubble tea store
4.90 (213 reviews)
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