Worst rated: Bars and Pubs in Berlin

  1. 2.90 The Pearl   (1362 reviews) Sleek nightclub with a VIP lounge
  2. 2.90 Bar Rouge   (50 reviews) Beer
  3. 3.00 Neue Odessa Bar   (1157 reviews) Relaxed venue for creative cocktails
  4. 3.00 Tom's Bar   (202 reviews) Gay bar with DJ nights & smokers' lounge
  5. 3.00 Sky Cocktail Bar Steglitz   (10 reviews) Classy hotel bar for drinks & dancing

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What's a Worst rated?

You should really avoid these places at all costs as you will most likely have a bad experience. These Bars and Pubs are worst in the Berlin.

This page was last updated on Jul 12, 2022.