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Hotel Arctic image
Hotel Arctic
Unfussy rooms in a casual hotel featuring a Nordic restaurant and a wine bar, plus free breakfast.
4.40 (289 reviews)
Hotel Aasiaat Sømandshjem image
Hotel Aasiaat Sømandshjem
Down-to-earth quarters, some with bay views, in a casual property offering complimentary breakfast.
4.50 (183 reviews)
Hotel Icefiord image
Hotel Icefiord
Simple quarters, some with balconies, in a relaxed hotel offering a hip bar, a terrace & bay views.
4.40 (183 reviews)
Hotel Hans Egede image
Hotel Hans Egede
Contemporary hotel with 3 restaurants, a piano bar & a gym, plus conference space.
4.30 (249 reviews)
Hotel Seamen's Home image
Hotel Seamen's Home
Unassuming hotel offering simply furnished quarters, plus a cafeteria & breakfast.
4.40 (154 reviews)
Hotel Sisimiut image
Hotel Sisimiut
Relaxed quarters in an unassuming property offering dining, saunas & hot tubs, plus mountain views.
4.40 (95 reviews)
Hotel SØMA Sisimiut image
Hotel SØMA Sisimiut
Laid-back hotel offering streamlined quarters, some with town views, plus a restaurant.
4.50 (64 reviews)
Qaanaaq Hotel image
Qaanaaq Hotel
👍 Great place if you want to get away from the majority of humans. On the downside, I found myself sharing a room with a polar bear.
4.40 (62 reviews)
Hotel Hvide Falk image
Hotel Hvide Falk
Simply furnished rooms & apartments in a casual hotel offering a restaurant, a bar & bay views.
4.00 (163 reviews)
The Red House image
The Red House
👍👍 Very good food, especially if you like fish. The food was fresh. Although there is only 1 food, but in 3-4 courses. The breakfast buffet is very generous, from hearty, sweet to cereal with yogurt or milk. Nice people working in the house, they try to make every guest right, with the possibilities a...
4.60 (43 reviews)
Hotel Kulusuk image
Hotel Kulusuk
👍👍 I was in Kulusuk two weeks ago on a backpacking trip. My plan was to sleep under the sky in a sleeping bag. When I arrived, airport officials advised me to leave my luggage at the Kulusuk hotel. While walking towards the hotel with a 23 KG bag and three small camera + drone bags, someone stopped his...
4.30 (66 reviews)
Hotel Angmagssalik image
Hotel Angmagssalik
Informal hotel offering unfussy rooms, a restaurant & a cozy lounge, plus breakfast.
4.50 (42 reviews)
Best Western Plus Hotel Ilulissat image
Best Western Plus Hotel Ilulissat
😠 “Viana” staff member in Roof Top bar refused to serve us stating that they are not accepting drink orders because they are “busy” and she would serve us later at 6pm . She was rude and that is unacceptable. Her colleague then told her that of course she can serve us and then she was forced to serve...
4.10 (77 reviews)
Hotel Narsarsuaq image
Hotel Narsarsuaq
Simple airport hotel offering unfussy rooms & cozy suites, plus mountain views & a restaurant.
4.00 (91 reviews)
HOTEL SØMA Ilulissat image
HOTEL SØMA Ilulissat
Simple rooms with kitchenettes and flat-screen TVs in a relaxed property overlooking Disko Bay.
4.10 (68 reviews)
Hotel Kangerlussuaq image
Hotel Kangerlussuaq
👍👍 So the hotel is a little dated! Come on! It's a beautiful nice antique hotel! Love the wallpaper throughout the room and the Eisenhower for president flyers behind the headboard were just the perfect touch. Quaint cozy. My only criticism is the name. If you are going to call a place ",Hotel Kangaroo...
3.70 (258 reviews)
Hotel Aurora image
Hotel Aurora
👍👍 We had a great stay at Aurora. The hotel is new and all the amenities are kept very clean. We spoke with the gentleman at the front and asked to keep some luggage at the hotel for a few days, and it wasn't any issue at all. The receptionists were also very friendly and we had some great chats. As ot...
4.50 (32 reviews)
Hotel Kap Farvel image
Hotel Kap Farvel
😐 From the outside, the hotel does look somewhat rundown or at least in need of repairs and maintenance but then again you really can't expect much given the harsh weather conditions in this part of the world making it difficult to work outside. However, the scaffolding erected around the hotel when...
4.20 (40 reviews)
Hotel Nordbo image
Hotel Nordbo
Down-to-earth studios & apartments offering flat-screen TVs, plus kitchenettes or kitchens.
4.20 (33 reviews)
HHE Express image
HHE Express
👍 A neat hotel. Check in & chek out experience was good & quick, receptionist speaks English. Bed was clean & comfortable. Room & Bathroom was clean, provided soap only. Charge 85 DKK per person for breakfast - cereals, breads, jam, jelly, butter, cheese, ham, liver Pattie’s, cucumber, half boiled egg...
4.00 (33 reviews)
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