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Experience the best that Greenland has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 22 places from Restaurant category.

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Qooqqut Nuan, Grønland image
Qooqqut Nuan, Grønland
👍👍 Delicious food in a scenic place. We went to this restaurant as part of our ‘Qooqqut catch n eat’ trip through Nuuk water taxi. Boat is the only way to reach this restaurant. They cooked the fishes (Cod, red fish) we caught, prepared the fishes in three different ways with three dressings served wit...
4.70 (45 reviews)
Ilimanaq Lodge image
Ilimanaq Lodge
👍👍 Absolutely spectacular setting for these lodge that are set on the rocks above the sea. Each private lodge has its own living room, bathroom and bedroom. The views from the balcony are spectacular and while they have a limited service the location make up for everything.
4.70 (42 reviews)
Restaurant Roklubben image
Restaurant Roklubben
👍👍 My stay at Polar Lodge, which included full boarding accommodations, was an absolute delight and an experience well worth the investment. Each evening, I had the pleasure of dining at the lodge's restaurant, complete with the added convenience of complimentary transportation to and from the establis...
4.60 (117 reviews)
Inuit Café image
Inuit Café
👍 Food is good, staff is nice. Mostly Asian dishes. They also have Greenlandic foods like local fish, reindeer steak and snow crabs. The dining space was somewhat crowded on a Wednesday evening. Very family friendly.
4.50 (126 reviews)
Restaurant Charoen Porn image
Restaurant Charoen Porn
👍 This is a very good Thai restaurant in the downtown area of the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk, located between the Hans Egede Hotel and the Café Esmeralda. The food is good and delicious. The staff is friendly , helpful , and kind. The service is prompt and efficient. The atmosphere is welcoming and...
4.50 (45 reviews)
H8 restaurant in Oqaatsut (Rodebay) image
H8 restaurant in Oqaatsut (Rodebay)
👍👍 We visited the restaurant as part of our trip from Ilulissat. The food was excellent - snow crab soup, reindeer steak and blueberry pie for dessert. Above all, the service was exceptional. The lady was incredibly nice, walked us through the entire village, answered all our questions about living in...
4.50 (36 reviews)
Inbox Café - A Little Thai Corner image
Inbox Café - A Little Thai Corner
Family restaurant
👍 Very tasty and well spiced food. The chef could customise our wishes for the vegetarian food, which we really appreciated. The banana split for dessert was tasty as well. The staff was also very attentive!
4.50 (33 reviews)
Hotel Icefiord image
Hotel Icefiord
Simple quarters, some with balconies, in a relaxed hotel offering a hip bar, a terrace & bay views.
4.40 (183 reviews)
Cafe Paamiut image
Cafe Paamiut
👍👍 I live really far away, but someday I will come eat your delicious looking food. You can thank Google maps for this review
4.40 (46 reviews)
Restaurant Unicorn image
Restaurant Unicorn
👍👍 an alluring masterwork in sereptitious delights... will rendevous soon!!!
4.40 (37 reviews)
Café Esmeralda image
Café Esmeralda
👍👍 Went for after dinner drinks and dessert with friends. Was surprisingly quiet but the drinks service and food were excellent as always. This is one of the best restaurants around the area. We've eaten there many many times and have never been disappointed.
$$ $$
4.30 (125 reviews)
Naleraq image
👍👍 Feels so good to have a nightlife option in the arctic cycle :) Locals and staff could be more kind though
4.30 (38 reviews)
Café Iluliaq image
Café Iluliaq
👍👍 Went there last night with my friends. It is located in the center of Ilulisat and seems to be a popular place. They serve food, beer and have desert. All three of us had different dishes, I got to try halibut yellow curry that my friend ordered and I enjoyed it. The food is great , the atmosphere...
4.20 (125 reviews)
Hotel Nordbo image
Hotel Nordbo
Down-to-earth studios & apartments offering flat-screen TVs, plus kitchenettes or kitchens.
4.20 (33 reviews)
IGGU image
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Great pizza with traditional and local toppings such as muskox. The prices were fair especially for Greenland and the place was very clean. The staff were helpful and efficient and make the pizza in the open so you can watch the whole process. Probably my favourite place to get a bite to eat and col...
$$ $$
4.10 (148 reviews)
Igaffik image
👍👍 Sometimes they cook Greenlandic food
$ $$$
4.10 (36 reviews)
Restaurant Ulo image
Restaurant Ulo
👍 A large & nicely decorated restaurant, has the view of icebergs. Need reservations. Even though they have empty tables, they don’t accept anyone without reservation. They asked couple of guests to come back 2 hrs later as they didn’t have reservations. English menu available. We had dinner - Halibut...
4.00 (52 reviews)
Hotel Maniitsoq image
Hotel Maniitsoq
👍👍 Nice room excellent breakfast beautiful view of the harbor and the town.
4.00 (43 reviews)
Blue Ice Cafe image
Blue Ice Cafe
Tourist information center
😠 zoo wee mama
4.00 (40 reviews)
Hongkong Cafe image
Hongkong Cafe
👍 Very nice view when u sit outside
4.00 (35 reviews)
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