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Hotel Narsarsuaq image
Hotel Narsarsuaq
Simple airport hotel offering unfussy rooms & cozy suites, plus mountain views & a restaurant.
4.00 (91 reviews) (~18.65 km from centre)
Narsarsuaq International Airport image
Narsarsuaq International Airport
International airport
👍 One of most strange airport in world. Is very small place. Interesting for nature lovers.
4.00 (52 reviews) (~19.17 km from centre)
Hvalsey Church image
Hvalsey Church
Historical landmark
Archaeological site with the stone remains of a medieval Norse church & agricultural structures.
4.40 (47 reviews) (~26.43 km from centre)
Blue Ice Cafe image
Blue Ice Cafe
Tourist information center
😠 zoo wee mama
4.00 (40 reviews) (~19.01 km from centre)
Café Polar-tut image
Café Polar-tut
👍👍 I took a dog to read a snack but my parents split up and went opposite ways. I think they divorced because i sometimes send messages to our dog. Well, the dog died a few years ago and we havent been back yet. The staff said they don't want dead dogs lying around and that's understandable. They w...
4.10 (37 reviews) (~18.89 km from centre)
Leif Eriksson Hostel image
Leif Eriksson Hostel
👍👍 Super hostel. Friendly and very helpful staff. Fat Bike renting is available, the bikes are of great quality. Dinner and breakfast is available. Nothing could be better. With the bikes it is a short trip to the nearby villages. Definitely recommended.
4.50 (36 reviews) (~18.69 km from centre)
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