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Hotel Arctic image
Hotel Arctic
Unfussy rooms in a casual hotel featuring a Nordic restaurant and a wine bar, plus free breakfast.
4.40 (289 reviews) (~16.28 km from centre)
Hotel Kangerlussuaq image
Hotel Kangerlussuaq
👍👍 So the hotel is a little dated! Come on! It's a beautiful nice antique hotel! Love the wallpaper throughout the room and the Eisenhower for president flyers behind the headboard were just the perfect touch. Quaint cozy. My only criticism is the name. If you are going to call a place ",Hotel Kangaroo...
3.70 (258 reviews) (~229.84 km from centre)
World of Greenland image
World of Greenland
Tourist information center
👍👍 A large tour company in Ilulissat offering tours and unique lodge experiences.
4.30 (184 reviews) (~15.48 km from centre)
Hotel Aasiaat Sømandshjem image
Hotel Aasiaat Sømandshjem
Down-to-earth quarters, some with bay views, in a casual property offering complimentary breakfast.
4.50 (183 reviews) (~82.05 km from centre)
Hotel Icefiord image
Hotel Icefiord
Simple quarters, some with balconies, in a relaxed hotel offering a hip bar, a terrace & bay views.
4.40 (183 reviews) (~15.18 km from centre)
Hotel Hvide Falk image
Hotel Hvide Falk
Simply furnished rooms & apartments in a casual hotel offering a restaurant, a bar & bay views.
4.00 (163 reviews) (~15.6 km from centre)
Inuit Café image
Inuit Café
👍 Food is good, staff is nice. Mostly Asian dishes. They also have Greenlandic foods like local fish, reindeer steak and snow crabs. The dining space was somewhat crowded on a Wednesday evening. Very family friendly.
4.50 (126 reviews) (~15.37 km from centre)
Café Iluliaq image
Café Iluliaq
👍👍 Went there last night with my friends. It is located in the center of Ilulisat and seems to be a popular place. They serve food, beer and have desert. All three of us had different dishes, I got to try halibut yellow curry that my friend ordered and I enjoyed it. The food is great , the atmosphere...
4.20 (125 reviews) (~15.5 km from centre)
Restaurant Roklubben image
Restaurant Roklubben
👍👍 My stay at Polar Lodge, which included full boarding accommodations, was an absolute delight and an experience well worth the investment. Each evening, I had the pleasure of dining at the lodge's restaurant, complete with the added convenience of complimentary transportation to and from the establis...
4.60 (117 reviews) (~234.36 km from centre)
Ilulissat Isfjordscenter image
Ilulissat Isfjordscenter
4.40 (78 reviews) (~14.53 km from centre)
Best Western Plus Hotel Ilulissat image
Best Western Plus Hotel Ilulissat
😠 “Viana” staff member in Roof Top bar refused to serve us stating that they are not accepting drink orders because they are “busy” and she would serve us later at 6pm . She was rude and that is unacceptable. Her colleague then told her that of course she can serve us and then she was forced to serve...
4.10 (77 reviews) (~15.26 km from centre)
Pisiffik Ilulissat image
Pisiffik Ilulissat
4.00 (73 reviews) (~15.1 km from centre)
HOTEL SØMA Ilulissat image
HOTEL SØMA Ilulissat
Simple rooms with kitchenettes and flat-screen TVs in a relaxed property overlooking Disko Bay.
4.10 (68 reviews) (~16.22 km from centre)
Ilulisat history museum image
Ilulisat history museum
History museum
Compact museum dedicated to Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen housed in his birthplace.
4.00 (59 reviews) (~15.41 km from centre)
Cafennguaq image
👍👍 Let me guess, you can’t read the Greenlandic menu and you’re wondering what’s on the chicken sandwich? Here you are: Veggie or Chicken grilled or spicy Veggies (also in chicken sandwich): peas, corn, lettuce, shredded carrots and peanuts (they are great with the sauce) Cheese: looks like cheddar or...
4.60 (57 reviews) (~15.44 km from centre)
Restaurant Ulo image
Restaurant Ulo
👍 A large & nicely decorated restaurant, has the view of icebergs. Need reservations. Even though they have empty tables, they don’t accept anyone without reservation. They asked couple of guests to come back 2 hrs later as they didn’t have reservations. English menu available. We had dinner - Halibut...
4.00 (52 reviews) (~16.27 km from centre)
Ilimanaq Lodge image
Ilimanaq Lodge
👍👍 Absolutely spectacular setting for these lodge that are set on the rocks above the sea. Each private lodge has its own living room, bathroom and bedroom. The views from the balcony are spectacular and while they have a limited service the location make up for everything.
4.70 (42 reviews) (~0.24 km from centre)
Ilulissat Icefjord image
Ilulissat Icefjord
4.90 (41 reviews) (~24.89 km from centre)
Naleraq image
👍👍 Feels so good to have a nightlife option in the arctic cycle :) Locals and staff could be more kind though
4.30 (38 reviews) (~15.25 km from centre)
H8 restaurant in Oqaatsut (Rodebay) image
H8 restaurant in Oqaatsut (Rodebay)
👍👍 We visited the restaurant as part of our trip from Ilulissat. The food was excellent - snow crab soup, reindeer steak and blueberry pie for dessert. Above all, the service was exceptional. The lady was incredibly nice, walked us through the entire village, answered all our questions about living in...
4.50 (36 reviews) (~29.32 km from centre)
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