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Restaurant Roklubben image
Restaurant Roklubben
👍👍 My stay at Polar Lodge, which included full boarding accommodations, was an absolute delight and an experience well worth the investment. Each evening, I had the pleasure of dining at the lodge's restaurant, complete with the added convenience of complimentary transportation to and from the establis...
4.60 (117 reviews)
Sisimiut Museum image
Sisimiut Museum
Children's museum
Museum in several colonial buildings showcasing local artifacts & a reconstructed peat house.
4.50 (84 reviews)
Hotel Sisimiut image
Hotel Sisimiut
Relaxed quarters in an unassuming property offering dining, saunas & hot tubs, plus mountain views.
4.40 (95 reviews)
Northeast Greenland National Park image
Northeast Greenland National Park
National park
Enormous preserve with tundra, ice sheets & wildlife such as musk oxen, polar bears & walruses.
4.00 (463 reviews)
Hotel SØMA Sisimiut image
Hotel SØMA Sisimiut
Laid-back hotel offering streamlined quarters, some with town views, plus a restaurant.
4.50 (64 reviews)
Hotel Kangerlussuaq image
Hotel Kangerlussuaq
👍👍 So the hotel is a little dated! Come on! It's a beautiful nice antique hotel! Love the wallpaper throughout the room and the Eisenhower for president flyers behind the headboard were just the perfect touch. Quaint cozy. My only criticism is the name. If you are going to call a place ",Hotel Kangaroo...
3.70 (258 reviews)
Hotel Maniitsoq image
Hotel Maniitsoq
👍👍 Nice room excellent breakfast beautiful view of the harbor and the town.
4.00 (43 reviews)
Cafe Sisimiut image
Cafe Sisimiut
😐 Listen, the options are few in town, and the food here is fine. Nothing to blow you away on either taste or value. It's actually quite expensive considering what you get... But anyways, it's fine.
4.00 (33 reviews)
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