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Greenland National Museum and Archives image
Greenland National Museum and Archives
National museum
Museum tracing nation's history through excavated tools, crafts & artifacts, plus national archives.
4.50 (282 reviews)
Hotel Hans Egede image
Hotel Hans Egede
Contemporary hotel with 3 restaurants, a piano bar & a gym, plus conference space.
4.30 (249 reviews)
Hotel Seamen's Home image
Hotel Seamen's Home
Unassuming hotel offering simply furnished quarters, plus a cafeteria & breakfast.
4.40 (154 reviews)
Nuuk Art Museum image
Nuuk Art Museum
Art museum
Charming museum featuring historical & contemporary art & soapstone carvings from local artists.
4.30 (194 reviews)
Inuk Hostels image
Inuk Hostels
Unfussy cabins with free Wi-Fi on a serene resort offering sea & mountain views.
4.60 (90 reviews)
Nuuk International Airport image
Nuuk International Airport
International airport
😐 Even though this is the biggest city in the country the airport is not able to handle large aircraft. I was able to fly here from Iceland non stop. The exterior is under renovation and one can only hope the inside gets an overhaul. It is easy to get around and check in. Picking up luggage is a breez...
4.20 (209 reviews)
Nuuk Centre image
Nuuk Centre
Shopping mall
👍 The best (and only) shopping mall in Greenland. It is quite small so you will not get lost. Nice coffee place there...
4.20 (205 reviews)
Church of our Saviour image
Church of our Saviour
Red wood-paneled Lutheran cathedral established in 1849, featuring a clock tower & an organ.
4.50 (89 reviews)
Nuuk Golf Club image
Nuuk Golf Club
Golf club
😐 Really cool looking place, but i think greenland needs to invent some cold-proof galf balls. it gets a little annoying that every time i try to hit the ball it shatters into smithereens
4.20 (199 reviews)
Café Esmeralda image
Café Esmeralda
👍👍 Went for after dinner drinks and dessert with friends. Was surprisingly quiet but the drinks service and food were excellent as always. This is one of the best restaurants around the area. We've eaten there many many times and have never been disappointed.
$$ $$
4.30 (125 reviews)
Brugseni nuuk image
Brugseni nuuk
👍 Pretty decent really, I was able to get berries, avacado etc plus they have a great freezer section with loads of choice. Better than Iceland supermarkets.
4.40 (91 reviews)
Northeast Greenland National Park image
Northeast Greenland National Park
National park
Enormous preserve with tundra, ice sheets & wildlife such as musk oxen, polar bears & walruses.
4.00 (463 reviews)
Kaffivik image
👍👍 Hands down, this is the best coffee shop in Nuuk... if not the whole of Greenland 🇬🇱 . The coffees are simply outstanding ! They also offer cakes, biscuits, and sandwiches. The place is very cozy and welcoming and you can easily while away the time reading a book or chatting with friends. The café h...
4.80 (43 reviews)
Pascucci image
👍 We visited all the cafes in Nuuk in our three days here and this was our favorite. Located in the Nuuk main shopping Center it features burgers, sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas, salads (including a nice vegetarian one with avocado, beans and felafel), loads of lattes and coffees. Service is prompt....
$$ $$
4.40 (73 reviews)
IGGU image
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Great pizza with traditional and local toppings such as muskox. The prices were fair especially for Greenland and the place was very clean. The staff were helpful and efficient and make the pizza in the open so you can watch the whole process. Probably my favourite place to get a bite to eat and col...
$$ $$
4.10 (148 reviews)
Qooqqut Nuan, Grønland image
Qooqqut Nuan, Grønland
👍👍 Delicious food in a scenic place. We went to this restaurant as part of our ‘Qooqqut catch n eat’ trip through Nuuk water taxi. Boat is the only way to reach this restaurant. They cooked the fishes (Cod, red fish) we caught, prepared the fishes in three different ways with three dressings served wit...
4.70 (45 reviews)
The Red House image
The Red House
👍👍 Very good food, especially if you like fish. The food was fresh. Although there is only 1 food, but in 3-4 courses. The breakfast buffet is very generous, from hearty, sweet to cereal with yogurt or milk. Nice people working in the house, they try to make every guest right, with the possibilities a...
4.60 (43 reviews)
Hotel Kulusuk image
Hotel Kulusuk
👍👍 I was in Kulusuk two weeks ago on a backpacking trip. My plan was to sleep under the sky in a sleeping bag. When I arrived, airport officials advised me to leave my luggage at the Kulusuk hotel. While walking towards the hotel with a 23 KG bag and three small camera + drone bags, someone stopped his...
4.30 (66 reviews)
Café Toqqorfik image
Café Toqqorfik
👍👍 delicious food, friendly and cheerful staffs, warm cosy atmosphere
$$ $$
4.50 (47 reviews)
Daddy's image
👍👍 daddys very cool and epic fortnite gangnam style wholesome 100 speak 100 big chungus epic
4.20 (75 reviews)
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