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Orquigonia image
Nature preserve
Orchid farm with guided forest walks to spot rare, miniature blooms through a magnifying glass.
4.70 (669 reviews)
Lachuá Lake image
Lachuá Lake
Surrounded by a biodiverse national park, this round, clear-water lake is a known swimming spot.
4.80 (298 reviews)
Coffee Tour Chicoj image
Coffee Tour Chicoj
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Great stop on the way up to Semuc Champey! We loved our tour of the coffee farm and enjoyed tasting the coffee after too. The history of the farm which started with Germans who then left during the war was an interesting story as well. Highly recommend coming to visit to support the coffee farmer co...
4.70 (309 reviews)
El Peñascal image
El Peñascal
👍👍 This place was amazing. We went for the kak-ik... very good food. Francisco's service was amazing. He gave us the meaning of each dish and the story. Thank you, Francisco.
$$ $$
4.50 (918 reviews)
Casa D'Acuna image
Casa D'Acuna
😠 The place is incredibly expensive, we paid 320 Q for pasta and two glasses of wine. The wine was fine but the spaghetti primavera and the vegetarian lasagna were definitely not good, especially for that price. There was no pasta in the lasagna, only badly cooked veggies and a ton of tasteless cheese...
$$ $$
4.50 (786 reviews)
Kardamomuss Cobán image
Kardamomuss Cobán
👍 This place was a refreshing change with an interesting menu. Only 4* because although the food sounded interesting, some things were a bit bland tasting and the price was quite high. Eg the croquettes and pasta. Still worth a visit and recommend getting a few small plates to share. The drinks were a...
$$ $$
4.50 (747 reviews)
El Calvario image
El Calvario
Catholic church
👍 Beautifully situated; culturally alive; and warmly welcoming, the trip way up the steps is worth the effort!
4.60 (322 reviews)
Plaza Magdalena image
Plaza Magdalena
👍 Plaza Majalananan Covina was ok Ya know it was fine i guess my kids liked 🙄
4.40 (4.5K reviews)
Dieseldorff Bistro & Coffee Boutique image
Dieseldorff Bistro & Coffee Boutique
Coffee shop
👍👍 Who may concern, I would like to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful place. I have a great time every time I visit this place with my drinks, but I was concerned about my service was taken care for me and my partner this time, if I was to order less than what the menu offer and the waite...
4.50 (584 reviews)
Delicias Tía EU image
Delicias Tía EU
👍 El lugar es muy bonito. La calidad de los platillos es bastante buena. En cuanto los precios, podríamos decir que son regulares porque no es tan barato ni es tan caro. Sin embargo la atención es buena. Los postres, no recomiendo el pastel de zanahoria porque es demasiado seco el pan. Sin embargo, un...
$$ $$
4.50 (462 reviews)
Rellenas Burger image
Rellenas Burger
👍👍 ¡La comida estuvo muy buena! La hamburguesa tiene un muy buen sabor y las personas ahí son muy amables. Me gusta mucho la decoración del restaurante también. Hace el ambiente muy feliz. Es un buen lugar para pasar tiempo con familia o amigos. ... The food here was increíble. It tasted like a good ho...
4.60 (269 reviews)
Casa Kirvá Hotel image
Casa Kirvá Hotel
👍 Cool hotel up the hill. Nice surroundings and views. Clean and comfortable rooms. Good WiFi and basic breakfast. Nice staff with limited English skills but they make it work.
4.60 (261 reviews)
Hostal Del Angel image
Hostal Del Angel
4.50 (375 reviews)
La Estación Coffee Shop image
La Estación Coffee Shop
Coffee shop
👍👍 If you love great coffee you can't miss this spot. The coffee is the best in the area and the service better than any European or American coffee shop. Prices?? Too bad they're not more expensive because they're worth every penny.
$ $$$
4.60 (224 reviews)
👍 El sabor de la comida es buena.... recomiendo la limonada. No tiene parqueo. El lugar está higiénico, sin embargo, se siente demasiado calor y no hay ventiladores o aire acondicionado. La mayoría de meseros atienden bien.
4.50 (337 reviews)
Finca Sacmoc image
Finca Sacmoc
Nature preserve
👍👍 Recomendado para desconectarse de la ciudad y conectarse con la naturaleza. Para llegar a la finca hay que ir por un camino de terracería, no hay señal de teléfono, está súper alejado de todo por lo que al llegar te das cuenta que es un tesoro en medio de la naturaleza, todo vale la pena. La atenc...
4.90 (109 reviews)
Cobán Central Park image
Cobán Central Park
👍👍 Very pretty! You can buy souvenirs , and there’s many small stores where you can purchase food like icecream and food cool landscapes!!
4.30 (4.7K reviews)
Hotel y Restaurante Casa Gaia image
Hotel y Restaurante Casa Gaia
Casual rooms in a serene property on wooded grounds, plus a restaurant, gardens & free Wi-Fi.
4.50 (269 reviews)
Hotel La Posada image
Hotel La Posada
Cozy rooms with traditional decor in a charming hotel with a rustic restaurant & a cafe bar.
4.40 (442 reviews)
Estancia del Monje image
Estancia del Monje
👍👍 Estancia del Monje was an amazing experience from beginning to end. Miguel took care of us with ease from the start. Reservations were easy and fast. The place will exceed your expectations. There is nature and tranquility. Clean, great service, friendly and loving staff. Breakfast included, delicio...
4.70 (136 reviews)
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