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Hotel CEIBA image
👍👍 Yup pretty much what you'd expect from a 5 star hotel, clean, meticulous service, and all the other perks. The people are also very friendly, and I say people and not staff because everyone in Guinea-Bissau is. Will be coming back to this country and to this hotel, of that I have no doubt.
4.30 (588 reviews)
Ile de Kéré image
Ile de Kéré
👍👍 Wonderful stay on a paradise island with very genuine and friendly hosts. Ultra pure air, trees, flowers, birds, turtles, pelicans, fish are there every day. You may even be lucky enough to spot monkeys and dolphins. The sea is warm and beautiful, the sand fine, the food exquisite. This is just a s...
4.80 (82 reviews)
Ponta Anchaca image
Ponta Anchaca
👍👍 Lose track of time in Bijagos Like the title of review states, there is no better place to lose track of time – and indulge in old school R & R - in Western Africa than the Ponta Anchaca Lodge. I have travelled to and stayed in each and every one of the 17 countries in the region of West Africa an...
4.60 (116 reviews)
Hotel Royal Bissau image
Hotel Royal Bissau
👍 The roof top pool was a God-sent in this hot climate. Food is great and location couldn't be better.
4.20 (362 reviews)
O Bistro image
O Bistro
Italian restaurant
👍 Half decent Italian food and friendly, fast service. Both extremely unusual in this part of the world!
4.20 (318 reviews)
Hala Hotel & Aqua Park image
Hala Hotel & Aqua Park
👍 Cheap and easy pool experience if you want a dip.
4.10 (730 reviews)
Coqueiros Bissau image
Coqueiros Bissau
👍 Nice international (read: Portuguese) restaurant popular with expats and well-off locals. There's an air-conditioned room to the right from the entrance if the main room is too hot. Prices wouldn't be out of place in Lisbon, but you get the major upside of the restaurant not employing disabled snai...
4.20 (292 reviews)
Gelataria N'Té image
Gelataria N'Té
4.50 (103 reviews)
Santy Comercial image
Santy Comercial
👍👍 This is the best supermarket in Guinea-Bissau😀
4.10 (310 reviews)
Gelataria Gellati image
Gelataria Gellati
Ice cream shop
4.40 (78 reviews)
Saldo Mar image
Saldo Mar
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 The best spot on the the island, and perhaps even in Bissau. The food is great, the chef knows how to exploit all the fresh ingredients the island offers, don't miss out on the pizza that gets served in the evening. The chef-owner is also a nice chatty person, I bet he's gonna make a great host with...
4.80 (44 reviews)
Dunia Hotel Bissau (Azalaï Hotel 24 de Setembro) image
Dunia Hotel Bissau (Azalaï Hotel 24 de Setembro)
👍 As a business traveller, I found at Azalaï all I need : a spacious room with a desk, quiet enough to work. Wifi is good but could be improved (I had to log in each time my activity was off for more than 10 minutes). Very good location for business apointments, with a large range of meeting rooms ava...
3.90 (573 reviews)
CANAFISTRA Crescendo a Beira Rio image
CANAFISTRA Crescendo a Beira Rio
4.30 (87 reviews)
Doce Mãe Bandim image
Doce Mãe Bandim
👍👍 Very good
4.00 (213 reviews)
SABORES - Mini mercado image
SABORES - Mini mercado
Grocery store
4.20 (99 reviews)
Centro Cultural Franco-Bissau-Guineense image
Centro Cultural Franco-Bissau-Guineense
Cultural center
4.00 (181 reviews)
Lá Rosa restaurant مطعم لبناني عربي image
Lá Rosa restaurant مطعم لبناني عربي
👍👍 Great Lebanese food including shawarma, great burgers with a middle Eastern touch, awesome milkshakes and juices. Pizzas are good too but way too small compared to Bistro's and Papa Loca's. If you sit in the outside area in the evening, mosquitoes will suck half the meal off of you, which works grea...
3.90 (245 reviews)
Handi - Taste of indian cuisine image
Handi - Taste of indian cuisine
👍 Really friendly owner and attentive team. The food is good and makes a pleasant change from the Portuguese style food that is popular in Bissau.
4.20 (82 reviews)
Gã Mela image
Gã Mela
4.30 (67 reviews)
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