Fouta Djallon image
Fouta Djallon
Mountain peak
Major rivers originate in this highland region known for natural farming & breeding farm animals.
4.50 (159 reviews) (~220.78 km from centre)
National Park of Upper Niger image
National Park of Upper Niger
National park
👍👍 Beautiful view of the water
4.00 (80 reviews) (~77 km from centre)
Grand Marché de Mamou image
Grand Marché de Mamou
Shopping mall
👍👍 C très bien
3.80 (47 reviews) (~151.8 km from centre)
HOTEL TATA, quartier Pounthioun. image
HOTEL TATA, quartier Pounthioun.
😠 She charges 100,000 to pitch a tent and 360,000 for a room. There wasn't any water or electric for most the time. I asked her the fabled wifi that they have and got a lecture about wifi being a bonus and not one of their actual services. Food is expensive but supposedly good.
3.10 (46 reviews) (~220.56 km from centre)
Hotel Masabi, Kindia, Guinea image
Hotel Masabi, Kindia, Guinea
👍👍 The best place to eat & sleep when you travel to Kindia. Typical french and african food. Friendly environment. Beautiful location. An extension is being built...
3.90 (43 reviews) (~236.38 km from centre)
Hotel Bate image
Hotel Bate
😐 In this city the resources are not numerous. If you do not require great comfort, this hotel represents a good opportunity. The premises are not in very good condition but the air conditioning works when there is electricity (thanks to a generator). Attentive staff who do the best they can.
3.80 (42 reviews) (~162.24 km from centre)
Hotel Safatou image
Hotel Safatou
Gas station
😠 Fuyez!! Chambre pas propre et de plus le patron a envoyé un employé à minuit le soir frapper à notre porte car selon lui on lui devait 2 frs suite à une histoire de carte bancaire! Une honte!! Nous avons quitté l hôtel sur le champs!De plus, hôtel où il y a un va et vient de filles, qui elles sont b...
3.70 (41 reviews) (~223.08 km from centre)
Hotel Del NIGER image
Hotel Del NIGER
👍👍 A very good address in Faranah: rooms in spacious and comfortable bungalows, a beautiful swimming pool and a friendly and very available host, Juán, who knows the city and the country and is delighted to help the traveler. We are very quiet, a little far from the noise of the city which is however...
4.30 (34 reviews) (~4.76 km from centre)
Hotel Tinkisso image
Hotel Tinkisso
👍👍 Super too cool 😎 here I love you too much
3.30 (32 reviews) (~87.08 km from centre)
Hôtel Moringa Kindia image
Hôtel Moringa Kindia
👍👍 Clean and absolutely quiet hotel with nice rooms. For me the best hotel in Kindia and surroundings. Security is perfect as it is well guarded at night.
3.80 (31 reviews) (~236.22 km from centre)
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