Nova Home Haiti image
Nova Home Haiti
Home goods store
4.20 (37 reviews)
Maison Handal image
Maison Handal
Home goods store
👍 Great location with descent security. They need to improve sales agents product knowledge. Wide range of choices. Prices are palatable. Available parking. Appearance is good. Some items are overly priced. Very eady to find and is in a safe area of Petion-Ville. The best department store in Petion-Vi...
4.10 (576 reviews)
Big Star Market image
Big Star Market
Grocery store
4.00 (1.2K reviews)
Ck Hardware image
Ck Hardware
Home goods store
😠 Unhelpful. Product I bought there did not work after less than a month. Manager says you need to speak to the manufacturer directly for a replacement or reimbursement. Then, I get the this is Haiti and thing work differently, it applies to the United States, when I said it should be covered by warr...
3.90 (369 reviews)
Galerie 128 image
Galerie 128
Home goods store
😐 The. Best place
3.90 (82 reviews)
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